Staff in the Graduate Project Office

New Appointments in the College of Humanities

The College of Humanities continues to go from strength to strength as we welcome new staff across our disciplines.  

This enables us to continue to explore fresh interdisciplinary activity in both education and research, which is already paying dividends in new curriculum and research projects.

They join our already established staff body, who are renowned yearly by the Student Guild's annual teaching awards for their excellence in teaching, research and the support they offer our students.

In addition to these academic roles, we have also had some new joiners and changes to roles in our support teams, which will allow us to drive the range of services we provide for our students.

The College is pleased to welcome a team of five new Graduate Interns who have joined the professional support in the College this September to enhance our local support.  Under the University’s Graduate Business Partnership scheme, we have created a College Projects Office employing our own recent graduates locally to support various administrative portfolios as well as supporting ad hoc reviews, research and analysis. Alex Ratcliffe, our previous graduate intern, has been appointed to lead the team.

This innovative scheme will add capacity and value to the various ways we already employ our students and graduates in the College, contributes to employability and student engagement, and provides talented graduates with a one year internship to help them achieve their long term professional career plans.  Please join the College in extending a warm welcome to these staff and helping them to settle in.

Following our recent successful recruitment, we will be shortly starting a second round of new staff appointments across the College.

Academic Staff

Art History

Sam Smiles, Associate Professor & Programme Director of Art History

Aron Vinegar, Senior Lecturer - Art History -will join the College in January 2013

Classics & Ancient History

Boris Chrubasik, Associate Research Fellow

Richard Flower, Lecturer

Claire Holleran, Lecturer

Daniel King, Lecturer

Dr Sharon Marshall, Lecturer


Adrian Curtin, Lecturer

Patrick Duggan, Lecturer

Natasha Lushetich, Lecturer

Prof. Kate Newey, Chair in Theatre History

Kara Reilly, Senior Lecturer


Jennifer Barnes, Lecturer

Joseph Crawford, Lecturer - will join the department in January 2013

Laura Carletti, Associate Research Fellow

James Kelly, Lecturer

Katie-Jane Hext, Lecturer

Kirsty Martin, Lecturer

Ellen McWilliams, Lecturer

Andrew Rudd, Lecturer - will join the department in January 2013

Derek Ryan, Lecturer

Lisa Stead, Lecturer

Robert Stark, Lecturer

Christopher Stokes, Lecturer

Dr. John West, Associate Research Fellow

Foreign Language Centre

Frederique Cooke, Associate Lecturer

Teresa Errasti, Associate Lecturer

Elizabeth Rainsford-McMahon, Associate Lecturer (French)


Bernard Allaire, Associate Research Fellow - joined the department in October

Sara Barker, Lecturer

Steven Biddlecombe, Lecturer

Dr. Helen Birkett, Lecturer

Richard Blakemore, Associate Research Fellow - joined the department in October

Justin Colson, Associate Research Fellow

Freyja Cox Jensen, Lecturer

Peter Elmer, Senior Research Fellow

Robert Fletcher, Lecturer

Helen Foxhall Forbes, Lecturer

Claire McCallum, Lecturer

Hannah Murphy, Associate Research Fellow

Bryony Onciul, Lecturer

Levi Roach, Lecturer - joined the department in October

Laura Sangha, Lecturer

Nicholas Terry, Lecturer

Tijl Vanneste, Associate Research Fellow - joined the department in October

Alun Withey, Associate Research Fellow

Modern Languages

John Bellamy, Lecturer

Emmanuel Destenay, Associate Lecturer

Alice Farris, Associate Lecturer

Juan Garcia-Precedo, Associate Lecturer

Ting Guo, Lecturer

Julia Kostyuk, Associate Lecturer

Maria Lafuente-Marruedo, Associate Lecturer

Jordina Sala Branchadell, Associate Lecturer

Isabel Santafe Aso, Associate Lecturer

Adam Watt, Associate Professor - joined the department at the end of September

Samir Zarqane, Associate Lecturer

Professional Services

Katherine Bardsley, Graduate Project Officer (Curriculum Development)

Christine Boyle, Research Network Facilitator

Abigail Davey, Graduate Project Officer (External Relations support)

Iain Gordon, Graduate Project Officer (Study Abroad and Internationalisation)

Amelia Hurtley, Research Administrator

Charlotte Knipe, Graduate Project Officer (Student Engagement)

Alex Ratcliffe, Senior Administrator (Student Engagement and Employment Officer – SEEO)

Katie Swan, Alumni Officer (Maternity Cover)

Edward Whiteoak, Apprentice Administrative Assistant (College Office, Queen’s Building)

Date: 25 September 2012

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