Photo of Dr Kara Reilly

Dr Kara Reilly

Research interests

Kara Reilly is a theatre historian, theorist and dramaturg.

Her book Automata and Mimesis on the Stage of Theatre History  (Basingstoke: Palgrave, 2011) focuses upon automata or self-moving mechanical puppets and their influence upon theatre history and intellectual history from the Renaissance to the end of the First World War.

Her edited collection, Performance and Analogue Technology before 1918 (forthcoming Basingston: Palgrave, 2013) examines a wide range of spectacular pre-digital technologies from sparring mechanical elephants to Proust's theatre phone, from cyborg ballerinas to Pepper's ghost, from hair raising electrical experiments to automaton monks.

Her current project is an examination of postmodern American theatre companies that devise radical adaptations from classic texts. In particular, she is interested in hauntology in relationship to the canon.Studies include performances by the Wooster Group, Target Margins, Mabou Mines, and Elevator Repair Service.