Dr Nicholas Terry

Research interests

• Nazi occupation policy in Eastern Europe during the Second World War

• Occupation of Russia and Belorussia, 1941-1944

• Soviet prisoners of war during WWII

• Civilian populations in war and the social history of warfare

• The Holocaust in Poland

• Auschwitz

• The cultural history of the Holocaust

• Collaboration with Nazism, in particular the ‘Trawniki men’

• Wartime knowledge of Nazi atrocities and the Holocaust

• Atrocity discourses, in particular atrocity relativisation and Holocaust denial

Recent conference and seminar papers with links to programs

‘The System of Camps for Soviet POWs, Civilians and Jews in Military-Occupied Russia and Belorussia, 1942-1944’, presented to Yahad in Unum and United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Symposium on ‘Nazi Camps in the Occupied Soviet Territories’, Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris, September 2011

From krasnoarmeitsy to Kriegsgefangene: The Disintegration of the Soviet Western Front and the German War of Annihilation in 1941’, presented at conference ‘Ten Lectures on the War’ at the German Historical Institute, Moscow, June 2011

‘Operation Barbarossa and the Radicalisation of Nazi Occupation Policy in Poland’, presented at Centre for the Study of War, State and Society workshop ‘Operation Barbarossa 70 Years On’, University of Exeter, May 2011

‘Recent Interpretations of the Holocaust in Poland’, presented to Historical Association, Exeter Branch, February 2011

Holocaust Denial in the Age of Web 2.0: Negationist Discourse Since the Irving-Lipstadt Trial’, presented at workshop ‘A Contextual View of Holocaust and Genocide Denial’, University of Leicester, September 2010

The War of Annihilation as a Social Process: Wehrmacht, Soviet peasantry and partisan movement, 1941-1944’, presented at conference ‘The War of Extermination: Nazi Genocide in Eastern Europe’, Historical Memory Foundation, Moscow, April 2010