Dr Claire McCallum

Research interests

My research to date has been largely focused on Soviet gender ideals and their representation in visual culture, and has looked specifically at the representation of men and idealised masculinity in the two decades following 1945. This encompassed a wide number of areas such as ideas of the heroic, images of domestic masculinity, and depictions of the Soviet veteran in the aftermath of the Second World War. I was particularly interested in how art was disseminated to the Soviet people through print culture and what the images reproduced in the nation's most popular publications can tell us about the gender ideals that the state espoused and how these changed over time. The book based on this research - The Fate of the New Man: Representing and Reconstructing Masculinity in Soviet Visual Culture, 1945-65 - is forthcoming with Northern Illinois University Press in 2017.

My new research project - which is in its very early stages - will examine the Soviet peace movement after 1945 and its intersection with both visual and print culture. As part of this, I am currently researching the exhibition held in 1960 at the Treyakov Gallery to celebrate the 600th anniversary of the icon painter Andrei Rublev, which was sponsered by the World Peace Council. I am also working towards producing an article on how the October Revolution was depicted in art produced around the time of its 40th anniversary in 1957, and in particular how the Revolution was presented to the visitors of the All Union Exhibition that year.