Photo of Dr Bernard Allaire

Dr Bernard Allaire

Honorary Associate Research Fellow

Research interests

16th-18th cent. history

Commerce, shipping, north-american exploration, merchant networks, embassador and official's correspondences;


Bernard Allaire is a socio-economic historian of European and North American urban and maritime civilizations. He is involved in many historical, archaeological and sociological research projects in connection with European and North-American specialists. He particularly enjoys historical topics which complete the expertise of other historians or archaeologists and study also correspondence networks and history of crafts and sciences. He goes through the archives in public records and libraries for governments, local authorities, academics, jurists and private individuals to identify, transcribe and digitalize relevant documents. Author of Pelleteries, manchons et chapeaux de castor: les fourrures nord-américaines à Paris 1500-1632 (Pelts, Muff and Beaver hats: the North American furs in Paris 1500-1632), Québec/Paris, Septentrion & PUPS, 1999 (Falardeau award) and Crépuscules ultramontains: marchands italiens et grand commerce à Bordeaux au XVIe siècle (Ultramontane Twilight: Italian merchants and Commerce in XVIth century Bordeaux), Bordeaux PUB, 2008 (Desgraves award). Beside the reviews, collective publications and conferences, the essential of his writings is however made up of unpublished and often confidential research reports.