Photo of Dr Justin Colson

Dr Justin Colson

Associate Research Fellow (Centre for Medical History)


Extension: 3363

Telephone: 01392 723363

I am currently an Associate Research Fellow on the Wellcome Trust funded project, ‘The Medical World of Early Modern England, Wales And Ireland, c.1500-1715’. I am exploring the lives of medical practitioners, broadly defined, through the methods of prosopography. My particular interests are in the craft guild based organisation of certain branches of medical provision in cities, and more generally the geography and spatial characteristics of medical practice.

Previously, I completed my thesis ‘Local Communities in Fifteenth Century London: Craft, Parish and Neighbourhood’ at Royal Holloway, University of London, under the supervision of Dr Clive Burgess and Prof. Caroline Barron. I have more recently focused upon the role of Livery Companies in the social, as well as economic, world of the City of London, and the wider English and North Sea economy. The period of transition from late medieval to early modern periods, from circa 1480 up to the eve of the Reformation, is of particular interest to me in this regard.

I have a keen interest in applying ‘digital humanities’ methods to the study of late medieval and early modern economic and social history. Those I have experience of range through using Geographic Information Systems to interpret large databases, Social Network Analysis, to Space Syntax Analysis. I have taught widely on the history of the City of London, from Roman to modern periods, as well as research methods, at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.