Humanities students achieved great success and were shortlisted for 8 out of 12 awards.

Humanities Success at the VP Education Awards 2017

Student academic representatives, Change Agents, and staff from the University of Exeter and the Students’ Guild gathered last month to celebrate the 2017 VP Education Awards. Humanities students achieved great success and were shortlisted for 8 out of 12 awards, winning 4 awards. 

The Student’s Guild VP Education Awards were originally introduced in 2016. The awards formally recognise the outstanding commitment shown by students who represent and seek to enhance the academic experience of their cohort. Now in its second year, the VP Education Awards were run collaboratively by the University of Exeter Student’s Guild and the University of Exeter’s Student Engagement team. Awards were presented to exceptional students who have represented their year at their discipline Student-Staff Liaison Committee, have undertaken Students as Change Agent projects, or participated in a peer mentoring scheme.

This year, Humanities students received over 50 nominations. In total 35 Humanities students were nominated for an award and 19 shortlisted, including an all Humanities shortlist for the award for ‘Outstanding Commitment to Representation’.

Professor Marion Gibson, Associate Dean for Education said of the achievement: ‘It is wonderful to see so many Humanities students from different disciplines being recognised in this way and to hear about all the great work done through SSLCs and Change Agents projects to improve the academic experience across the College. The high numbers of Humanities students nominated is a reflection of their dedication, and a huge congratulations to those who won in their categories.’

Here is a list of the results for the College of Humanities:

Academic Undergraduate Rep of the Year

Shortlisted: Jordan Coates (Modern Languages SSLC Deputy Chair)

Academic Postgraduate Rep of the Year

Winner: Sarah Kearsey (Modern Languages)
Shortlisted: Ed Baker (Classics and Ancient History)
Shortlisted: Teresa Sanders (English PGR)

Support Programme Organiser of the Year

Shortlisted: Tyler Rickard (FCH; Modern Languages)
Shortlisted: Phoebe Greenwold (Liberal Arts)

Students as Change Agents Project Team of the Year

Shortlisted: The Diplomatic Hub (CHUMS and CSSIS)

Students as Change Agents Project of the Year

Shortlisted: The Study Abroad Guide

Outstanding Commitment to Representation

Winner: Phoebe Dent (History, Humanities College Officer)
Shortlisted: Tessa Crossley (Theology)
Shortlisted: Anna Greenwold and Isabelle Mutton (Theology)

Outstanding Subject Chair

Shortlisted: Alex Porter (Theology and Religion)

SSLC of the Year

Winner: Theology and Religion SSLC

Date: 27 April 2017

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