Professional services staff in the College of Humanities.

New appointments in the College of Humanities

The College of Humanities continues to go from strength to strength as we welcome new staff across our disciplines.

This enables us to continue to explore fresh interdisciplinary activity in both education and research, which is already paying dividends in new curriculum and research projects

They join our already established staff body, who are renowned yearly by the Student Guild's annual teaching awards for their excellence in teaching, research and the support they offer our students.

In addition to these academic roles, we have also had some new joiners and changes to roles in our support teams, which will allow us to drive the range of services we provide for our students.

The College is pleased to welcome a team of four new Graduate Project Officers who have joined the professional support in the College to enhance our local support.  Under the University’s Graduate Business Partnership scheme, the College has employed our own recent graduates to aid various administrative portfolios as well as supporting ad hoc reviews, research and analysis. This innovative scheme contributes to employability and student engagement, and provides talented graduates with a one year internship to help them achieve their long term professional career plans.  Please join the College in extending a warm welcome to these staff and helping them to settle in.

Professor Nick Kaye, Dean for the College of Humanities and Professor of Performance Studies, comments, "I am delighted to be able to welcome so many new colleagues to Humanities' disciplines and in Professional Services. This very significant expansion of staff marks an important moment in the development of the College of Humanities and of our academic and professional community more broadly, as well as opportunities for collaboration and new developments in teaching and research."

Academic staff


Hajnalka Herold, Lecturer in Historical Archaeology

Michael Fradley, Associate Research Fellow

Art History and Visual Culture

Fabrizio Nevola, Chair in Art History and Visual Culture

Classics and Ancient History

David Leith, Advanced Research Fellow

Gabriele Galluzzo, Lecturer in Ancient Philosophy

Gaelle Coqueugniot, Associate Research Fellow

Sara Chiarini, Lecturer in Classics 


David Wiles, Chair in Drama

Erin Walcon, Associate Research Fellow, Drama


Daisy Hay, Lecturer in Archives and Material Culture

Felicity Gee, Lecturer

Felicity Henderson, Lecturer in Archives and Material Culture

Florian Stadtler, Lecturer in Global Literature

Jana Funke, Advanced Research Fellow

Jane Feaver, Lecturer in Creative Writing

Jennifer Barnes, Lecturer

John Bolin, Lecturer in English

Jos Smith, Associate Research Fellow in English

Laura Salisbury, Senior Lecturer in Medicine & English Literature

Chloe Preedy, Lecturer in Shakespeare & Renaissance Literature (Cornwall)

Rob Magnuson Smith, Lecturer in Creative Writing (Cornwall)


Gareth Curless, Lecturer in History

Marc-William Palen, Lecturer in British Imperial History

Nandini Chatterjee, Lecturer in European Imperial History

Tehyun Ma, Lecturer in Chinese History

Modern Languages

Ana Martins, Lecturer in Portuguese

Damien Gaucher, Associate Lecturer in French

Jonathan Bradbury, Lecturer in Hispanic/Latin America

Lucie Riou, Associate Lecturer in French

Maria Scott, Lecturer in French

Maria Thomas, Lecturer in Hispanic/Latin America

Muireann Maguire, Lecturer in Russian

Thomas Hinton, Lecturer in French

Yue Zhuang, Lecturer in Chinese Language/Translation

Theology & Religion

David Tollerton, Lecturer in Jewish Studies and Contemporary Biblical Cultures

Jonathan Hill, Lecturer in Philosophy of Religion

Susannah Cornwall, Advanced Research Fellow

Professional services staff

Andrew Northey, Senior Administrator (Research)

Caroline Cook, Graduate Project Officer (Education)

Catherine Cummings, Research Network Facilitator

Cristina Burke-Trees, Curator - Visual Culture

Emily Zieba, Graduate Project Officer (Education - Cornwall)

Rosie George, Graduate Project Officer (External Relations)         

Verity Richards, Graduate Project Officer (Student Engagement and Widening Participation)

The list above contains new appointments since 1st August 2013.

Date: 27 September 2013

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