Dr Jonathan Bradbury

Senior Lecturer in Hispanic Studies


Extension: 5452

Telephone: 01392 725452

My research focuses on the Early-Modern period in Spain (sixteenth and seventeenth centuries), and to date my work has had a particular emphasis on the transmission of knowledge in vernacular books, and on the interaction of erudition and fiction. Within this, I have examined questions surrounding ‘plagiarism’ in printed works of the age, and the close cultural and political relations between Spain and Italy, especially in the Kingdom of Naples (a Spanish viceroyalty between 1503 and 1707).
After the publication of my monograph, on early-modern Spanish vernacular prose miscellanies, my next major research project will focus on the Portuguese author, Manuel de Faria e Sousa, a prolific poet and literary theorist and commentator who wrote primarily in Spanish, during the period of the Iberian Union (1580-1640).
I teach a variety of Spanish texts and cultural topics from the so-called Golden Age, some canonical and others less well known, to students from different year groups, drawing on my own research, published and ongoing, and on the latest developments in the field, through collaboration with scholars in Hispanic Studies in the UK and internationally.