Dr Ting Guo

Research interests

My research interest include translation and history, amateur translation, Chinese cinema, cosmopolitanism, world cities and the circulation of visual culture. I am particularly interested in the pivotal role of translation in the reproduction and dissemination of knowledge as well as in social and political changes.

My monograph, Surviving Violent Conflict: Chinese Interpreters in the Second-Sino Japanese War (1931-45) (2016) investigates how Chinese interpreters were recruited and deployed by the Chinese nationalist government, the Chinese Communisty Party and the Japanese forces during the Second-Sino Japanese War. It questions the institutionalized image of interpreter and interpreter training and highlights the multiple positiong of interpreters in reality and their border-crossing strategies.

My AHRC-funded project “Dancing in Her Seven Veils: Revisiting the Salomé Craze in 1930's Shanghai” examines the production and reception of the first Chinese Salomé play and explores how the image of Salomé was transformed into a cosmopolitan cultural product attractive to the middleclass audiences in Shanghai.

I am currently working on a project "Translating for Changes: Anglophone Queer Cinema and Chinese LGBT+ Movement". This project explores the translation and use of Anglophone (North American, British, Australasian) queer cinema as a means of developing LGBT+ culture and rights in China