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Research shows arts, humanities and social science graduates are highly employable and have skills required for the future workplace

A recent report on graduate employment prospects details how essential arts, humanities and social science (HASS) graduates are in the job market, and how these students are just as likely as students from the sciences to work in well-paid roles, in fast growing sectors integral to the future world of work.

Dozens of prehistoric, Roman and medieval sites discovered by archaeology volunteers working at home during lockdown

Dozens of previously-unrecorded Roman, prehistoric and medieval sites have been discovered by archaeology volunteers based at home during the coronavirus lockdown.

Traumatised communities reflecting on loss of war meant many didn’t celebrate on VE day

It is remembered as a time when seemingly everyone in Britain lined the streets to mark the end of six years of conflict around the world – but in reality the trauma of war meant many people didn’t celebrate on Victory in Europe Day.

Grizzly discovery of an arrow through the eye sheds light on horrific injuries caused by medieval arrows

Medieval arrows caused injuries similar to today’s gunshot wounds, according to archaeologists analysing newly discovered human remains.

New study will show how important it was to speak French in Medieval Britain

A major new study will uncover the secrets of how communities in Medieval Britain continued to speak French for at least 300 years after the Norman Conquest.

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