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Launch of new Visual Culture Combined Honours degree

The College of Humanities pleased to announce the launch of three new BA Combined Honours degrees, enabling students for the first time to formally study Visual Culture and Art History as part of their undergraduate degree.

From 2012, students will be able to study for a BA English, Modern Languages or History combined with Visual Culture, with the Visual Culture element of the programme making up half of their credits and being named on their degree certificate. Students will also have the option to study a year abroad as part of a four-year degree.

The College offers a great deal of expertise in visual culture, with a wide range of modules already available to students through a number of subject areas. Offering students the opportunity to have visual culture as a named part of their degree is a natural step forward given the university’s expertise and focus on the Arts as expressed through its Arts and Cultures strategy.

The programme will draw upon existing regional partnerships, including those with galleries in the South West, as well as the staff and resources of the Bill Douglas Centre and the University Fine Art collection.

Dr David Houston Jones, Programme Director, said:

‘This is an exciting time at Exeter, and the new programme draws upon existing teaching and research strengths in a new way. The Visual Culture Combined Honours programme is a fantastic opportunity to develop new approaches to visual sources, whether in painting, manuscripts, film, photography, performance and installation art, or virtual and mixed reality.’

You can find out more about the programmes available through the following links:


BA History and Visual Culture


Date: 18 August 2011

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