Dr Julia Leikin

Postdoctoral Research Fellow


01392 725618

A historian of imperial Russia and modern Europe, I work on Russia’s understanding and practice of international law. As a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow I will develop my current book project, In the Spirit of the Laws: The Russian Empire in the International Order, 1700-1856, which brings together my wide academic interests in the history of international law and international relations, maritime legal culture, and comparative early-modern empires. The monograph explores three themes: the social significance of the law of nations in the Russian Empire and its relationship to power; the influence of local officials and community voices on the formulation of imperial policy; and, the Russian-Ottoman maritime frontier in the Mediterranean and Black Seas as the place where the distinctiveness of Russian legal practice emerged. My first major article on this topic is “‘The Prostitution of the Russian Flag’: Privateers in Russian Admiralty Courts, 1787-1798,” Law and History Review (November 2017).