Photo of Dr Joanna Freer

Dr Joanna Freer

Lecturer in American Literature


Extension: 5304

Telephone: 01392 725304

My research is motivated by a fascination with counter-communities and the role of literature in promoting, critiquing and helping to form them. Initially centred around the work of the American postmodernist Thomas Pynchon, these research interests led to the publication of my first monograph, Thomas Pynchon and American Counterculture with Cambridge University Press in 2014. Since then, my focus has expanded to include ‘post-countercultural’ writing (by Pynchon, Acker, Reed, Bambara and Vizenor) of the 1970s. Further interests include literary representations of gender and sex, intersections between politics and economy in fiction, and twenty-first century critical approaches. These interests are reflected in two edited essay collections, Pynchon, Gender, and Sex (Georgia UP, 2018) and The New Pynchon Studies: Twenty-First Century Critical Revisions (Cambridge UP, 2019), as well as a special issue of Textual Practice (2019).

I am currently teaching Academic English and Empire of Liberty: American Literature, 1776-Present.

My office hours for the autumn term 2019 are Tuesdays 13.30-15.30 and Thursdays 14.30-15.30 in BG24. Please use the sign-up sheet in the box by my door (and note that this is a shared office so please use the right sheet!)