Photo of Professor Fiona Handyside

Professor Fiona Handyside


I teach film modules across the departments of Modern Languages and English, working with a wide range of students from various backgrounds - some of whom have been studying films for several years, and others who are new to the idea of film as an academic subject. I'm committed to communicating to students the importance of cinema as the most powerful art form of the twentieth century, and its lasting impact on all arts, as it continues to shape the structures of contemporary culture. As it is popular in its appeal, and radical in its practices, studying cinema opens up important questions about how we communicate knowledge, belief and meaning, and the role of technology in the forming of culture. From the first seminar of a first year introductory course where we explain what is meant by mise-en-scene to a final year tutorial's complex discussion about how the 'echo chamber' of idealised girlhood might be prised open via film, I am determined that students should be excited by and informed about the role of cinema in our world. I was shortlisted for Best Supervisor in the 2015 Student Guild Teaching Awards.

Modules taught