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Major new poem about Cornwall’s Red River to be premiered at Tate St Ives

A major new poem inspired by Cornwall’s unique Red River – the most “unnatural” in the UK – will be premiered at Tate St Ives.

Radical new Urdu female writers using poetry to call for changes to gender roles in Pakistan, major new study shows

Radical new female writers and performers are transforming Urdu from being a “genteel” language and using their work to call for changes to gender roles in Pakistan, a major new study shows.

New documentary tells the story of the “Red River” – the powerful symbol of Cornish identity

A new documentary by a University of Exeter expert celebrates the unique Cornish Red River – a powerful symbol of the county’s identity.

New butterfly-inspired museum installation highlights LGBTQ+ voices

 A new installation inspired by butterflies showcases LGBTQ+ responses to objects at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum and Art Gallery.

Lauded new novel upends stereotypes about the Iron Curtain and Thatcher’s Britain

In 1980s Eastern Europe there’s limitless luxury for the privileged few but limited freedom, while the UK offers terrible food and cold homes – but without hidden cameras.

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