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Wed 25 Nov

Start time: 16:00

Tickets for students/staff: 59
Tickets for public: 15
Admission Free
End Time: 17:30

Research Seminar: Infectious Dissent - Tactical Performance and Political Pandemics

Presented by: Larry Bogad
Location: ONLINE

In this talk and discussion, Bogad will explore the history, ethics, aesthetics, and practical concerns of tactical performance and creative activism.
We will review some older and more recent concepts and projects, including Bogad's current U.S. election project, the dancing mailboxes and ballot boxes of DELIVERING DEMOCRACY. We will discuss and brainstorm possible actions as well, and some material from Bogad's next book with Routledge INFECTIOUS DISSENT (in press, 2021).

Biography: L. M. Bogad (a newly declared WPA Artist for the United States Department of Arts and Culture) is an author, performance artist/activist, Professor of political performance, Chair of the Department of Theatre and Dance at UC Davis, Director of the Center for Tactical Performance, and co-founder of the Clown Army. He has performed and led workshops across the USA, Europe and South America, from SFMOMA to a squatted military base in Barcelona. He was the Art and Controversy Fellow and Distinguished Lecturer on Performance and Politics at Carnegie Mellon University, and a Humanities and Political Conflict Fellow at ASU.
Bogad's first book, Electoral Guerrilla Theatre: Radical Ridicule and Social Movements, analyzes the international campaigns of performance artists who run for public office as a radical prank and was recently republished in an updated and expanded second edition. His second book, Tactical Performance: On the Theory and Practice of Serious Play, analyzes the use of guerrilla theatre/art for human/civil rights, social justice, labor and environmental campaigns. He also wrote and produced a documentary, Radical Ridicule: Serious Play and the Republican National Convention. His third book, Playing the Plague: Works of Infectious Dissent for Times of Political Pandemic, is a collection of many of his performance scripts.

Please reserve a place here and you will be sent the link to this online event the day before.

Wed 09 Dec

Start time: 16:30

Tickets for students/staff: 76
Tickets for public: 13
Admission Free
End Time: 18:00

Research and Practice Seminar and Book Launch: The Drama Spiral: A Decision-Making Model for Safe, Ethical, and Flexible Practice when Incorporating Personal Stories in Applied Theatre and Performance

Presented by: Clark Baim
Location: ONLINE

This presentation is based on Clark Baim's new book, Staging the Personal: A guide to safe and ethical practice, published September 2020 by Palgrave Macmillan. The seminar will also serve as the official UK launch of the book.

During the past several decades, there has been a rapid expansion in the use of people's personal stories in the theatre, in both applied and commercial theatre contexts. This expansion has included the development of new genres of theatre including verbatim theatre, testimonial theatre, autobiographical theatre, tribunal theatre, documentary / investigatory theatre, the theatre of witness, playback theatre, reminiscence theatre, self-revelatory performance, and dozens of related forms. Given the highly personal and exposing nature of much of the material that is used in such processes, it is imperative that theatre practitioners interrogate the ethics of this work and develop models of practice that maintain sound ethics, stay within appropriate boundaries, and avoid exploiting and harming participants, performers, and audiences.

With this imperative in mind, in this seminar Clark will describe guidelines for ethical practice and a model he developed called the Drama Spiral. This is a practical decision-making tool intended to help theatre and arts practitioners to negotiate the complex, contested, and inherently risky terrain of personal stories.

Biography: Clark Baim, PhD is the Director of the Birmingham Institute for Psychodrama and Honorary President of the British Psychodrama Association. After touring as a performer with the original USA Geese Theatre Company, in 1987 he was the founding Director of Geese Theatre Company UK, using applied theatre in criminal justice and social welfare settings. He is now on their Board of Trustees. Clark has facilitated drama-based workshops and staff training in seventeen countries and in more than 200 prisons, probation centres, social work, mental health and youth justice settings. He regularly teaches on university drama courses. Clark is co-author of the Geese Theatre Handbook and has published widely on topics including applied theatre, psychodrama, trauma-informed treatment, criminal justice programmes, co-working, and attachment-informed practice. He completed his PhD in Drama with the University of Exeter in 2018, and Staging the Personal is an outgrowth of the PhD.

Please reserve a ticket for this event, and you'll be emailed on the morning of the event with a link and joining instructions.