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Our staff are engaged in a wide range of research projects, covering topics as diverse as pantomimes and asylums. Our research takes place around the world.

Current projects

Theatre & Visual Culture in the Long Nineteenth Century (AHRC)

Kate Newey
Performing the Periphery (AHRC) Cathy Turner
Backstage Heritage Collection Jon Primrose
Heart Felt (Wellcome) Sarah Goldingay
A Cultural History of English Pantomime, 1837 - 1901 (AHRC) Kate Newey
Understanding Everyday Participation (AHRC) Jane Milling
Amateur Dramatics: Crafting Communities in Time and Space (AHRC) Jane Milling

Past projects

Alcohol and Performing Community (AHRC) Dr Jane Milling
Community? What do you mean? An investigation into how differing understandings of the term 'community' shapes care (AHRC) Dr Sarah Goldingay
Enacting Community: Critical Histories and Theories of Community-based Theatre and Performance Practice (AHRC) Dr Kerrie Schaefer
Harnessing creative clusters to civil society and the digital economy (AHRC) Dr Kerrie Schaefer
Isolated Acts: Theatre in Asylums and Hospitals (AHRC) Dr Anna Harpin
Participatory Arts and Well-Being: Past and Present Practices (AHRC) Dr Jane Milling
Performing Plethora: Staging BLOK/EKO / 'Nausicaa at 50' (AHRC) Dr Sarah Goldingay
Porous Dramaturgy: Interaction and Community in the Structure of the Artwork (AHRC) Cathy Turner
Processes of Devising Composed Theatre (AHRC) David Roesner
A Queer Nation? Public Space, Citizenship & Alternative Sexuality in South Africa (AHRC) Ho Yin Fong
Revitalising the Seaside Prom (AHRC) Dr Jane Milling
Taverns, locals and street corners: cross-chronological studies in community drinking, regulation and public space (AHRC) Dr Jane Milling
The Southall Story: A Cultural History of Britain's 'Little India' since 1979 (AHRC) Dr Jerri Daboo
Told by the Wind (AHRC) Professor Phillip Zarrilli
Understanding Cultural Value (AHRC) Professor Geoffrey Crossick
Exeter Digital Archives Peter Hulton
British Asian Theatre (AHRC)  [archived site] Professor Graham Ley
Performing Presence - From the Live to the Simulated (AHRC)  [archived site]  
Tarantism and Pizzica in Salento (AHRC / Wellcome Trust) Dr Jerri Daboo