Excavation site at the Çatalhöyük project 

Çatalhöyük Project, Konya Plain, Turkey

Professor Christopher Knüsel 

Christopher Knüsel is currently Co-Head of the Human Remains Team, with Professor Clark S. Larsen (Ohio State University, USA) at Neolithic Çatalhöyük, near Konya, central Anatolia, Turkey, excavated under the direction of Professor Ian Hodder of Stanford University, USA. In addition to excavating and analysing human remains, the role of Co-Head involves liaising with both field researchers and other laboratories at the site to provide synthetic interpretive insights of this early village, one of the largest of its time.

The Human Remain Team is responsible for the excavation, recording, and analysis of all human remains at the site. This involvement has stimulated collaborative research, as, for example, the analysis of the KOPAL trench mixed human and animal bone assemblages with Jacqui Mulville and Jennifer Jones (Cardiff University, UK) of the Faunal Remains Laboratory, under the auspices of a British Academy Small Grant. Scott Haddow (Cranfield University, UK), Josh Sadvari (Ohio State University) and Christopher, all members of the Human Remains Laboratory, are engaged in a project based on the excavation, recording and analysis of a cranial (and mandible) retrieval, as well as on deviant burials at the site through time. Bonnie Glencross (Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada) and Christopher, with Selin Nugent (Ohio State University) are studying cranial traumatic injuries at the site, and with Barbara Betz (Ohio State University) of the Human Remains Team, Ashley Lingle, Head of the Conservation Laboratory, and Katy Killackey, Site Illustrator, he is studying the human handprints at the site in order to elucidate aspects of the social identity of their makers. For more information, see: http://www.catalhoyuk.com/ Project, Konya Plain, Turkey