Beginners modules

‌Please note:

We offer Beginners Fast-Track (French, German, Italian and Spanish) for students who would like to learn a language at a faster pace.

Beginners Fast-Track modules (French, German, Italian and Spanish) are all at University Level 2 and can be taken in the final year of UG study.

Beginners modules are available at 30 credits only except for British Sign Language and unless you are an international student staying for less than one academic year or your college has got specific modularity constrains and requires a maximum of 15 credits.

Module Credits
British Sign Language for Beginners (Part 1) 15
French Beginners 30
German Beginners 30
Italian Beginners 30
Japanese Beginners 30
Korean Beginners 30
Mandarin Chinese Beginners 30
Russian Beginners 30
Spanish Beginners 30