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Photo of Dr Ilaria Pinna

Dr Ilaria Pinna

Lecturer (E&S)


01392 722335

My research explores the relationship between theatre and activism, with a focus on contemporary practice in Italy.  I am particularly interested in the interplay between political and philosophical practice and in the role of representation in contexts of organised mobilisation. 
My doctoral research looked at the practices and modes of performance developed in Italy alongside the political movements of the 1970s. In particular, the thesis is concerned with the recalibration of the concept of political engagement in Marxist theatre, feminist theatre and theatre in the community. I am currently in the process of adapting my doctoral thesis for publication.

As a performer, my background is in dance and I have extensive experience in theatre for young audiences, a field very close to my heart. In Italy, performed in several productions for children and teenagers, and I have extensive experience of designing and facilitating dance and drama workshops for primary schools.