Intermedial Performance Practice (DRA2083)

30 credits

Increasingly, contemporary performance, exemplified by such critically acclaimed groups as Gobsquad, Frantic Assembly and Blast Theory, takes the intermedial turn. The term ‘intermedia’ here refers to works that fall between media, such as visual poetry, performative sculpture or vocal dance. This module explores intermedial performance practice in all its socio-cultural, political and philosophical facets. Focusing on canonical works and practitioners from the beginning of the 20th century to the present day, it brings together an array of theoretical approaches in order to investigate the ways in which the different media communicate with each other, and the ways in which the different media communicate with the participants and/or audience. Apart from analysing different practices, you will have the opportunity to engage in ‘performative thinking’, practical experiments and small-group presentations. You will also have the opportunity to pursue independent research into an area of your interest.