Classics and Ancient History is proud to have been awarded a Bronze Award on the Gender Equality Charter Mark (GEM) trial run conducted by the Equality Challenge Unit.


Research events play an important role in our active research culture. Academic staff from the University and other institutions come together with students to share and debate the latest ideas and developments.

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1 May 201917:00

CA Lecture: Matt Bryden - "Lost and Found"

CA Lecture at Exeter College. Matt Bryden is a poet and teacher living in Somerset. In 2018, he won a Literature Matters award from the Royal Society of Literature for his project Lost and Found. This project aims to create a pamphlet of poems treating the Lost Property Office at Bristol Temple Meads station as an entrance to the Greek Underworld. For the last year, Matt has been visiting the Lost Property Office on a monthly basis and making notes while, in tandem, attending Classics lectures at Exeter University with a view to creating a backdrop for his new work. Matt will be discussing his experience as a poet in residence at the office, sharing what he has learned from his research as well as reading from the poems for the first time. Full details
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8 May 201916:30

Prof. Emily Gowers (Cambridge) - TBC

Classics and Ancient History Research Seminar. Full details
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13 May 201916:30

Prof. Douglas Cairns (Edinburgh) - TBC

Classics and Ancient History Research Seminar. Full details
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7 June 20199:00

Technosomata: Sexuality, Gender, Reproduction and technology

This workshop proposes to explore the ways that technology (broadly defined) produces, configures or reshapes gender and sexuality. Cosmetics, prosthetics, athletics, pharmaceutics and sexual tools or machines (e.g. dildos, mirrors, adornment: clothes, and jewellery) can all be considered in terms of enhancement technologies with a variety of aims, including longevity, and at healthier and improved appearance. They have a pervasive impact on gender, as they redefine the limits of the physical body, as well as on sexuality in terms of rewriting the script for erotic action emphasizing sexual pleasure, or assisting/preventing reproduction.. Full details
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24 June 2019

Institute of Coding Summer School 2019 at the University of Exeter

For students with little or no experience of programming or coding, the Institute of Coding Summer School at Exeter is an opportunity to enhance your digital skills through a course designed to introduce you to the fundamentals of computer programming and social data analysis. Full details
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