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Academic Staff
Dr Fiona Allen Research and teaching interests include contemporary art and its relationship to design and architecture, critical theory and the history of photography Streatham Campus, Exeter
Ms Josie Cockram Lecturer in Contemporary Art and Curation Streatham Campus, Exeter
Dr Jamie Edwards Streatham Campus, Exeter
Dr João Florêncio Modern and Contemporary Art and Visual Culture; performance theory, post-continental philosophy, and eco-humanities in an attempt to question the certainty of the 'Nature'/'Culture' divide Streatham Campus, Exeter
Dr Daniel Fountain Streatham Campus, Exeter
Professor Gabriella Giannachi Director of the Centre for Intermedia and specialist in art and technology, including presence research, mixed and virtual reality, and collaborates with artists, galleries and museums towards research that informs the exhibition, documentation, archiving and replay of mixed medi Streatham Campus, Exeter
Dr Meredith Hale Streatham Campus, Exeter
Professor David Houston Jones Contemporary visual culture, in particular installation art and epistemologies and representations of the face in photography, video, performance and installation. Interests in French visual culture, forensics, testimony, archives and the artist as archivist and artist as curator Streatham Campus, Exeter
Professor Nick Kaye History of post-war experimental performance, with emphasis on the relationship between performance and the development of ideas and practices through sculpture, architectural theory, conceptual and performance art, aspects of experimental music, installation, video art and video Streatham Campus, Exeter
Dr Camille Mathieu Research interests include the materialities of imperialism, the art, architecture, archaeology, and urbanism of France and its colonies from the eighteenth through the early twentieth century Streatham Campus, Exeter
Professor Fabrizio Nevola Director of AHVC programme. Art, architecture and urbanism in Renaissance Italy; urban iconography and public and private self-representation; digital humanities applied to art history and visual culture. Streatham Campus, Exeter
Professor Melissa Percival An expert in eighteenth-century French studies with research interests in Eighteenth-century art, literature and history of ideas. She has published widely on theories of physiognomy and facial expression Streatham Campus, Exeter
Dr Sabrina Rahman Interdisciplinary research focuses on the intersection of modern design, class and ethnicity in Austria-Hungary and the British Empire; also art historiography, museum studies, and global cultures of housing Streatham Campus, Exeter
Professor Tom Trevor Streatham Campus, Exeter
Dr Yue Zhuang Research and teaching addresses cultural contacts between China and Europe with regard to landscape issues in the 18th-century Streatham Campus, Exeter
Research Staff
Ms Jara Fernandez Meneses Streatham Campus, Exeter
Dr Kate Osborne Streatham Campus, Exeter
Dr David Rosenthal Streatham Campus, Exeter
Honorary University Fellows
Ms Rebecca Alexander Honorary Research Fellow Streatham Campus, Exeter
Ms Lara Goodband Honorary Research Fellow Streatham Campus, Exeter
Professor Sam Smiles Honorary Professor Streatham Campus, Exeter
Academic Staff in other Departments who teach into AHVC
Professor Barbara Borg 'Art' and archaeology of the Greeks and Romans; visual and material culture as a source for Ancient History and Classics Streatham Campus, Exeter
Professor Oliver Creighton Streatham Campus, Exeter
Dr Felicity Gee Streatham Campus, Exeter
Professor Elena Isayev Research interests range from reconstructing histories of pre-Roman groups in south Italy, by using the rich material remains, to deconstructing theories of generation conflict and youth in republican Rome Streatham Campus, Exeter
Professor Emma Loosley Oriental Christian and early Islamic Art, Architecture and Archaeology; European Travellers in the Middle East; Themes of syncretism and inter-religious and inter-cultural exchange in the Middle East and surrounding area; Late Antique and Medieval Eastern Mediterranean and Middl Streatham Campus, Exeter
Professor Chloe Paver Research interests focus upon museum exhibitions and memorial sites commemorating the Third Reich; cultural memory; representations of the Third Reich in German and Austrian fiction and film, and fiction since the Wende Streatham Campus, Exeter
Professor John Plunkett Research centres on Victorian visual culture, particularly illustration, optical toys, photography and visual perception Streatham Campus, Exeter
Dr Debra Ramsay Streatham Campus, Exeter
Professor Heike Roms Streatham Campus, Exeter
Professor Corinna Wagner Research focus on Eighteenth- and nineteenth-century British political culture, Gothic literature, art and architecture, Romantic and Victorian Medievalism, Medicine, the Body and the Arts, and Foucault and Panopticism (architectural and medical) Streatham Campus, Exeter
Dr Phil Wickham Curator of The Bill Douglas Centre for the History of Cinema and Popular Culture. Phil has written and lectured extensively on film and TV, particularly on British culture and identity Streatham Campus, Exeter
Dr Patricia Zakreski Her work is primarily in the field of inter-art criticism in the nineteenth century, and has recently focussed on the relationship between women's work and art, exploring the connections that existed between artistic, commercial, and gender economies in the second half of the nin Streatham Campus, Exeter