Beyond Stewardship? Biblical Texts and Environmental Ethics

These web pages exist to make a selection of materials on the subject of stewardship available to teachers and students, providing resources that are relevant to the Environmental Ethics sections of GSCE, AS and A2 Level Religious Studies courses.

The aims of these materials are:

  1. To provide information for teachers on the subject of Christian perspectives on Environmental Ethics
  2. To provide classroom resources to encourage critical engagement with biblical texts within this topic

These materials are relevant to the following Religious Studies courses:

A2 Level
OCR Unit G582 (Religious Ethics)
AQA Unit 3F (Religion and Contemporary Society)
CCEA Unit 6 (Ethics and Society)

AS Level
Edexcel Unit 6RS02 Option 1C (Investigations: The Study of Ethics)
AQA Unit B (Religion and Ethics 2)
WJEC RS1/2CS (Introduction to Religion in Contemporary Society)

Edexcel Unit 5RS08 (Religion and Society Based on a Study of Christianity and at Least One Other Religion)
AQA A Unit 2 (Christianity: Ethics)
AQA B Unit 2 (Religion and Life Issues)
OCR A Unit B589 (Perspectives on World Religions)
OCR B Unit B602 (Philosophy 2: Good and Evil; Revelation; Science)
CCEA Unit 3.8 (An Introduction to Christian Ethics)
WJEC B Unit 1 (Religion and Life Issues)

The Bible and the Environment book cover

Further material to supplement these online resources can be found in David G. Horrell, The Bible and the Environment: Towards a Critical Ecological Biblical Theology (London: Equinox, 2010), available from Equinox or Amazon.

This project is funded by the St. Luke's College Foundation.