Beyond Stewardship Syllabus Links

These web pages have been created to make available to teachers and students a selection of materials on the subject of stewardship, providing resources that are relevant to the sections of GSCE, IGCSE and AS/A Level Religious Studies courses that concern environmental issues.

The aims of these materials are:

  1. To provide information for teachers on the subject of Christian perspectives on Environmental Ethics.
  2. To provide classroom resources to encourage critical engagement with biblical texts within this topic.

These materials are relevant to the following Religious Studies courses:

Creation, Genesis and Origins

A level: AQA; Edexcel.
IGCSE: Edexcel.
GCSE: AQA (A); AQA (B); CCEA; Edexcel; OCR; WJEC.

Dominion and Stewardship

A level: AQA; Edexcel; WJEC.
IGCSE: Edexcel.
GCSE: AQA (A); AQA (B); Edexcel; WJEC.

Conservation; The Use and Abuse of the Environment

A level: AQA; Edexcel; OCR (Corporate Social Responsibility).
IGCSE: Cambridge; Edexcel.

Issues of Non-Human Life and Death; The Use and Abuse of Animals; Animal Rights

A level: AQA; CCEA; Edexcel.
IGCSE: Edexcel
GCSE: AQA (A); Edexcel.

Catholic Beliefs, Views, Practices

GCSE: AQA (B); Edexcel; WJEC.

The Role and Activities of Christian Charities: CAFOD, Christian Aid, Tearfund

IGCSE: Cambridge


The Bible and the Environment book cover

Further material to supplement these online resources can be found in David G. Horrell, The Bible and the Environment: Towards a Critical Ecological Biblical Theology (London: Routledge, 2014), available from Routledge or Amazon.