Students are supporting a wide range of research and scholarship projects across the College.

Student research internships prove a success across the College of Humanities

The College of Humanities has successfully recruited 14 students to support a wide range of research and scholarship projects. This is the first time the scheme has been run across the College and over 170 students applied for a position.

The newly launched initiative supports the College’s commitment to student engagement and employment. The scheme aims to offer increased paid employment opportunities to our taught students; raise awareness of current research and further study and provide additional administrative support to academic colleagues.

Supported projects include the International Courtly Literature Society Medieval Conference, the Exeter Care Homes Reading project, the1914FACES2014 research project and the Privy Council exhibition. Responsibilities may include undertaking primary research, organising conferences, creating new teaching resources or developing public exhibitions.

Hannah McGivern, a third year Archaeology student comments, “My internship involved the curation of human skeletal remains from the Cathedral Green archaeological excavations in Exeter. This role has provided me with a great opportunity to improve my knowledge of skeletal anatomy and learn more about the people who were buried in Exeter hundreds of years ago.”

For further information about the scheme and for support in hiring a taught student to assist with a research or scholarship project within the College, please contact Alex Ratcliffe, Student Engagement and Employment Officer.

Date: 4 April 2014

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