The College is offering 13 Student Research Internships.

The College of Humanities offers 13 paid student internships to support cutting edge research across the College

The College of Humanities is now advertising 13 paid Student Research Internships. These exciting new roles aim to involve undergraduate and postgraduate taught students in a selection of the research and scholarship projects that are being carried out across the College.

Successful applicants will have the opportunity to work alongside an academic member of staff on a specific project. The roles are all different but responsibilities may include undertaking primary research, organising conferences, creating new teaching resources or developing public exhibitions.

The internships will allow students to learn about cutting edge research and scholarship as well as gain invaluable work experience and transferable skills such as editorial work, event coordination and report writing.

Alex Ratcliffe, Student Engagement and Employment Officer, comments, “These roles engage students in research projects and grants that they would not normally come into contact with inside the classroom. Some of these research projects potentially lay the groundwork for modules that will be taught in years to come. Importantly, the initiative offers the opportunity for students to undergo a recruitment process. Although we will only employ 13 individual students a far larger number will be able to grapple with filling in a formal application and going through an interview.”

The posts will run between the end of February and end of July 2014 (negotiable depending on the role and student availability). Please apply for these roles through the Student Campus Partnership scheme on My Career Zone. The application deadline for all roles is 10 February 2014.

Date: 3 February 2014

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