Jen Steadman is to appear on Countdown.

Countdown to TV appearance

New graduate Jen Steadman combines her linguistic dexterity with mathematical prowess – and all against the clock, when she appears as a contestant on popular television quiz show Countdown later this month.

Jen, who graduated with a first in English from the Penryn Campus last month, first decided she wanted to go on the programme in her first year and then worked hard to ensure her skills were up to the challenge.

“I started playing online two years ago and became quite involved in the online community, eventually going to tournaments across the country,” she explained. “There hasn't been a female series winner for 15 years, which inspired me to improve until I could challenge the top male players.

“My audition, which was held over the phone, was nerve-wracking, but actually being on the set wasn't - although numbers rounds were stressful at first, as it feels like you only have 20 seconds!”

On the set she met presenters Nick Hewer and Rachel Riley and adjudicator Susie Dent. You can see how Jen gets on when she appears on the programme which is scheduled for broadcast on Channel 4 on Friday 30 August.

If you are interested in becoming a contestant on the show you can find an application form on the programme’s webpages.

Date: 21 August 2013

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