Hippolytus will be performed on Wednesday 27 and Thursday 28 March

Classics Society perform famous tragedy

This year the university’s Classics Society will bring the audience Hippolytus, one of Euripides’ most famous tragedies.

Featuring a cast of students and staff, this play promises to be one of the most exciting pieces of drama this year.

Hippolytus is one of Euripides’ greatest works, and is regarded as an exemplary piece of tragedy. Devotion, deceit and destruction – this play has it all.

The story starts with Hippolytus, a Greek prince and son of Theseus, who dedicates his life to the worship of Artemis, goddess of hunting and chastity, much to the disdain of Aphrodite, goddess of love. As the play progresses, the audience will see how Aphrodite exacts her revenge on Hippolytus through the members of his household – his father Theseus, his stepmother Phaedra and her nurse.

As a key piece of tragedy, this play is a core text for many Classics modules in the Department, which has meant that those in the cast have been able to engage actively with the play, and those in the audience will be able to see at first hand a performance of their text.

Mr Ronald Impey, staff member within the Classics and Ancient History Department, who also plays the role of the old servant in the play, said “All teaching and learning is a cooperative enterprise. Performing together in a play is a particularly wonderful experience bonding students and teacher, old and young, and building mutual respect.”

He adds, “Not only that: attempting to perform a play gives a unique empathetic insight into the mind of the playwright and the possibly therapeutic message of his play. The camaraderie of the whole cast is obvious.”

This play will appeal to anybody who is interested in the Ancient World and specifically Greek tragedy – from the Emeritus Professor to the first year undergraduate.

It will take place on Wednesday 27th March and Thursday 28th March at 19:00, in the M&D rooms in Devonshire House.  Tickets are priced at £3 for Classics Society members and £4 for non-members.

For more information and to reserve your tickets, please email rsh203@ex.ac.uk.

Date: 27 March 2013

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