Calders’ magic comes to the University of Exeter

La màgia d’en Calders – a storytelling spectacle based on Pere Calders’ short stories

Catalan comedian Imma Colomer and accordion player Dioni Chico present a storytelling show on Tuesday 20 November based on the short stories of Pere Calders, a contemporary Catalan author.

La màgia d’en Calders was invited to the University by the Department of Modern Languages, so that students studying Catalan could pay tribute to the author Pere Calders in the year of his centenary (1912-2012).

Final year students of Catalan within the Department have been involved in the preparation of the show and have done a comprehensive study of the works of Calders. This is the first time the show travels to the UK.

Pere Calders’ short stories, on which the show is based, reflect the author’s ironic gaze and his agile, unpredictable and subtle narrative style.

This event will be of interest to a wide audience including storytelling lovers; students of Catalan, Drama, Hispanic Studies, Romance Languages and the Catalan and Spanish Erasmus community based on Streatham Campus.

Drama students and staff might also be interested to see Imma Colomer, an experienced Catalan actress with a long career in Catalan theatre. She has also worked extensively for Catalan television.

Event Details

The event takes place on Tuesday, 20 November 2012 at 13:00 in the Senior Common Room, Queen’s building.  The event is free and open to all (no need to register).

For more information, please view an online video teaser of the event.  Other sources of information are also available online, such as an author's review of Pere Calder and  translations of Calders's short stories.  An event has also been created on Facebook.

This event has been made possible with sponsorship from the Institut Ramon Llull, an official body which promotes Catalan language and culture abroad.

Date: 19 November 2012

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