Surface computing tables in the Forum

Exciting opportunities for Humanities Freshers students

Freshers’ Week will bring a showcase of opportunities with the College’s Information Fair and a demonstration of the most groundbreaking technology in the University tailored specially for Humanities students.

The College, in collaboration with the new Graduate Project Office, is organising events in Freshers’ week for all students to show them exactly what being part of the College of Humanities can do. Students wondering how flexible their employment prospects are, how to get involved in academic representation or considering taking a trip abroad to study in another country will be able to do all of that at the College Information Fair on Tuesday, 18th September from 12 – 4 in Queen’s Café. Staff and current students will be available to answer any questions, and free drinks will be served.

Thursday 20th September, brings a demonstration in the Forum’s Exploration Lab 2 of the University’s latest investment into innovative e-learning technology. The Graduate Project Officers will be in the lab from 1-5pm showing off the surface computing tables; ten touch-sensitive tables for four users each, enabling group work and interactivity in learning in an entirely new way. All students and staff are welcome, and will be able to explore the tables in their own time, watching demonstrations and taking part in activities to discover the potential of the new technology.

The events hope to show new students that being part of Humanities means so many more opportunities than just the ones on individual courses. Both events are run on a drop-in basis.

If you have any questions about either of the events, email

Date: 14 September 2012

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