Academic investment Plans in Humanities at Exeter

Academic investment plans in Humanities at Exeter

The College of Humanities has been going from strength to strength since its formation in August 2010 and is pleased to announce plans to invest in its scholars and facilities, across all disciplines.

Humanities subjects have long been regarded as a core strength of the University of Exeter. However, we are not satisfied to rely on our past achievement to sustain our future success. Consolidating a wide range of humanities subjects into the newly established College in 2011/12 has allowed us, for the first time, to explore fresh interdisciplinary activity in both education and research, which is already paying dividends in new curriculum and research projects.

The College of Humanities at Exeter is an energetic community of scholars seeking to consolidate and extend its position in the UK elite in each of its disciplines and we are now looking forward together in the new 2012 context in Higher Education and embarking on ambitious plans to invest in the excellence of our scholars across all levels and all disciplines. We are well placed to achieve our stretching ambitions, operating in the top tier of AHRC funding and consistently attracting high proportions of AAB students across our disciplines.

The investments we are taking forward include:

  • New capital funds of £2.5 million in the current planning period specifically towards research facilities for doctoral candidates.
  • This is in addition to the already 50 fully funded College PhD awards we now offer annually, (fully matching and augmenting the AHRC scheme)  across our subjects to train a new generation of humanities scholars.
  • We are partners in one of the new AHRC Knowledge Exchange Hubs for the Creative Industries, working with UWE, Bristol and other Southwest partners in an investment of £5 million to support research drive collaborations with external partners. Read news article
  • We are building on strong traditions of combined honours across our disciplines to launch new Visual Culture, Art History and Liberal Arts degrees from 2012 onwards.
  • Commencing in 2011/12, we are embarking upon the first stage of a 3 year phased investment in academic staffing to achieve our Strategic Vision for 2015, with an initial tranche of up to 25 academic posts at all levels available in the College to start in 2012. 
  • Academic areas represented in the College include:  English, History, Classics & Ancient History, Modern Languages, Archaeology, Theology & Religion, Drama, Film, Visual Culture and shortly, Art History and Liberal Arts.


Our investment starts with a cluster of appointments in Drama, Theatre and/or Performance Studies, offering the following vacancies for talented researchers and educators committed to the highest standards of student experience:

  • 2 Chairs in Drama  (Ref R10839) 
  • Associate Professor  in Drama (Ref R10840)
  • Senior Lecturer in Drama (Ref R10841)
  • Lecturer in Drama (Ref R10841)

Successful candidates will offer excellence in research and teaching that complements or extends Drama’s established strengths. Applications are particularly welcome with a specialism in one or more of the following areas:

  • Modern and/or contemporary theatre and performance
  • Performance studies and/or performance theory
  • Performance and visual culture
  • Theatre history
  • Applied theatre

Further information

For further information and to apply visit the University vacancies website. The closing date for applications is 15th December 2011.

Additional vacancies

Additional vacancies will appear on our website over the next few months as they become available but will be focusing on the following academic areas for the first phase of additional appointments:

  • American Literature
  • Global Literature
  • World History
  • Art History
  • Creative Writing and/or Writing and Skills
  • 18th century Literature
  • Victorian and/or Romantic Literature
  • Modern and/or classical languages
  • Translation and Modern Languages (including Chinese)
  • Humanities and the Environment

Date: 17 November 2011

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