Robert Shearman

Doctor Who writer returns to Exeter

Award-winning author Robert Shearman best known for his Doctor Who scripts is returning to his old stomping ground in Exeter. 

He is also a renowned playwright and short story writer and on Monday 11 October he will be reading a brand new story at the launch of the fifth volume of ‘Riptide’, the University of Exeter’s short story magazine. 

'Riptide’ was set up three years ago by Exeter-based writers Sally Flint and Ginny Baily. 

Robert studied English Literature at Exeter and was the youngest-ever resident dramatist at the Northcott Theatre in 1993. He is delighted to be returning to the fold. Robert said "This is a real homecoming for me. My tutors at Exeter University gave me the freedom and encouragement to take my writing seriously, and I don't think I'd now be living the dream without them. Being part of Riptide makes me feel that I'm getting the chance to meet again that nervous student I was twenty years ago, and tell him to hold on, and to keep plugging away!"

At the ‘Riptide’ evening event, Robert will read a new story ‘Coming in to Land’ published in the latest edition of Riptide.  He will also be conducting a workshop with English MA students and reading from his prize-winning anthology ‘Love Stories for the Shy and Cynical.’

This fifth volume of ‘Riptide’ was guest-edited by novelist Jane Feaver while the regular editors were working on a special children and young adults volume due out next month at the Children’s literature festival.

Jane Feaver said, “I was amazed by the quality of the writing sent in for this volume. Riptide’s reputation is really growing because so many well-established authors are happy to publish their work in it.”

She added, “Just to give you one example. Adam Marek, who was short-listed for the Sunday Times short story award and who could have his pick of publishers, sent his wonderful tale to us, to Riptide! ’ 

Out of the hundreds of stories submitted, Jane picked sixteen, all in some way concerned with flight.

Details of the launch and how to buy the book can be found on the Riptide website.

Date: 12 October 2010

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