Modern Languages level 3 undergraduate modules

These Modern Languages modules were available to undergraduate students during the current and previous academic years. While they are representative of the choices which will be available to you during your degree, you should note that modules may change depending on the research interests of staff. Lists of specific language modules can be found on the French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish pages.

Module Credits
"Monster of Nature and Phoenix of Wits." An Introduction to the Work of Lope de Vega 15
Advanced Chinese Language Skills 30
Advanced French Language Skills 30
Advanced German Language Skills 30
Advanced Italian Language Skills 30
Advanced Portuguese Language Skills 30
Advanced Russian Language Skills 30
Advanced Spanish Language Skills 30
Afro-Brazil: Ideas of Africa in Brazilian Fiction 15
Almodovar's Spain: Cinema and Society 15
Beyond Sex and the City: Becoming a Woman in Contemporary Western Cinema 15
China and the Third World: Foreign Relations and Nation Building in China in the Cold War Era 15
Coping with Catastrophe: German Culture, Literature and Politics in the Interwar Years 15
Cross Currents: Memory, Myth and Modernity in Latin America 15
Dialectology in France 15
Dictatorships on Display: History Exhibitions in Germany and Austria 15
Dissertation 15
Elena Ferrante's My Brilliant Friend 15
Extended Dissertation 30
French Language Written 15
German Language Written 15
Intercultural Communication in a Global World 15
Internship Abroad Combined with Study at a Partner University Abroad 120
Italian Varieties and Dialects 15
Law in Fiction 15
Mediated Lives: Intermedial Fiction from Latin America 15
Philosophers, Prophets, and Mystics in French Culture 15
Portuguese through Time 15
Proust's a la Recherche du Temps Perdu 15
Pushkin's Evgenii Onegin 15
Religion, Revolution and Counterrevolution 15
Ritual and Power: Text and Image of Chinese Landscapes 15
Sex, Subversion and Censorship: Libertine Literature in Seventeenth-Century France 15
Sociolinguistics of French 15
Spain and 1898: from Disaster to Modernity 15
Staging Conflicts: Spanish Romantic Drama 15
Study Abroad at a Partner University (with Assessment in the Foreign Language) 120
The Deceptive City: The Creation of St Petersburg in Russian Literature 15
The Invention of Modern Love 15
The Making of Underground Russia, 1825-1917 15
Through the Language Lens: the Relationship between Language, Culture and the Mind 15
What Did the German Kaiserreich Do for Us? Questions to a New Nation (1870-1914) 15
Women and Feminism in 20th Century Spain 15
Women in Translation: Gender and Publishing in the 21st Century 15
Work and Study Abroad 120
Writing Women and Strange Monsters 15