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A wide range of events are taking place throughout the day, across all three venues. Everything from art exhibitions, sign language, Q&As, poetry, music, talks, films, and everything in between.

All the events are offered on a first come, first served basis and have free entry. No booking is required.

Below are the full listings of events and times.

A printable version of the timetable is also available here: Translation Festival Programme

Event titleTimeLocation
The Spectacular Translation Machine All day Library foyer
Poète Public All day Library foyer
Wordkeys: The 4D Translation Game 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 14:30 Café and outdoor space
Discover Translation: The Pleasures of Middle Eastern Translation 10:00 Meeting Room 1
Discover Translation: Translating Russian – A Political Problem? 11:30 Meeting Room 1
Reading and Q&A with Alexei Makushinsky and Rowan Mackenzie-Kennedy 12:45 Meeting Room 1
International Story Time 14:00 Meeting Room 1
Discover Translation: Keeping Dead Languages Alive 14:45

Meeting Room 1

Discover Translation: The Wonderful World of Czech Translation 16:00

Meeting Room 1

French Poetry Translation Duel 10:15 Rougemont Room
Translation Jazz: French Poetry in (Musical) Translation 11:30 Rougemont Room
Translate with the Professionals (with ITI South West) 13:00 Rougemont Room
International Bounce and Rhyme 14:30 Rougemont Room
Spanish Literary Translation Duel 15:15 Rougemont Room
The Jabberwocky in British Sign Language 16:15 Rougemont Room
Pop-up readings All day Foyer
Game stations All day Foyer and Library

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Pop-up readings All day Phoenix Cafe
Game Stations All day Phoenix Cafe
Live music: LOSt COYOTES 14:00 Phoenix Cafe
Live music: Translation Jazz 17:00 Phoenix Cafe
Discover Translation: Translation & Ethics 10:00 The Workshop
Discover Translation: Translation, Migration, and Polylingualism  12:00 The Workshop
Q&A with Angela Cavalieri 13:00 The Workshop
Angela Cavalieri Art Exhibition 14:00 The Workshop
Discover Translation: Translation & Immigration 14:45 The Workshop
Working with the artist: IB students and Angela Cavalieri 16:00 The Workshop
Film showing: Tradurre 10:00 Studio 74
The Day Nina Simone Stopped Singing: Translating the ‘free woman’. Reading and Q&A with Darina Al-Joundi (author) and Helen Vassallo (translator) 11:45 Studio 74
Translating Rhythm and Rhyme with Timothy Adès 13:00 Studio 74
Film showing: The Woman with Five Elephants 14:15 Studio 74

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Tours (meet in reception) 11:00, 12:00, 14:30

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