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6 December 201715:00

Famine and Dearth in India and Britain: Texts, Images, Archives

A roundtable discussion focused on the project database as searchable digital archive and pedagogical tool, and on the overall project as an example of multilingual, interdisciplinary research that links insights of cultural history and comparative literature with current issues of global food security. Full details
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7 March 201815:30

“Translating Research Cultures: the French Social Sciences and Humanities in English”

Abstract: This talk will explore the challenges and broader implications of translating between two academic research cultures, specifically translating the French social sciences and humanities into English. French academics are under increasing pressure to use English as a lingua franca, creating substantial demand for specialist academic translations. In this field, the cultural mediation required of translators is very specific in nature. It involves producing texts for multiple readers — the original authors, but also other audiences such as peer reviewers, funding committees, journal editors, and the national and international academic community. The competing expectations generated by this situation seem to require incompatible degrees of domestication and the translator plays a complex role in this cultural transaction, compounded by a form of “invisibility” partly intrinsic to the academic framework. In this context, it is also interesting to ask what this negotiation process can tell us about the research cultures in question. What can we learn from the points of resistance encountered when navigating between the norms, values, and assumptions of two radically different epistemological traditions and, more broadly, what are the potential consequences and/or losses inherent to the hegemony of the English language in the academic world?. Full details
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21 March 2018

'Michelangelo Merisi da Carvaggio: A Transnational and Transmedial Icon'

Abstract: According to the art historian Patrick Hunt ‘Caravaggio is the most renowned Old Master of recent times. More articles, books, exhibitions, films and novels have been devoted to him than to all of his contemporaries combined’ (p. ix). If Caravaggio’s iconic status and transnational popularity can almost be taken for granted today, what is still relatively unexplored is the painter’s impact across different media, in particular in the some areas of popular culture like music, dancing, theatre, fashion, advertising and graffiti. Dr Rorato’s research paper will focus in particular on fashion, advertising and graffiti as all three cultural forms are visually very powerful but work in very different ways. The paper will fit very well within the context of our Centres for Translating Cultures and for Intermedia as well as our brand-new term 2 MA module in ‘Translation as Intercultural and Intermedia practice’, as it will explore intermediality through the analysis of a popular Italian icon. In particular, through a series of case studies the paper will address the following questions: 1) What makes Caravaggio such a globally iconic figure today? 2) What kind of mechanisms facilitate the ‘transition’ of a canonical artist from the museum to the market place? 3) What happens to the original “meaning” of an artist’s work when his/her image moves across different cultural forms?. Full details
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22 March 2018

Inaugural lecture by Professor Adam Watt

Full details
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18 - 20 April 201811:00

BASAS 2018

The most important annual event of the biggest professional association for South Asianists in the UK. Full details
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2 May 201815:30

Title TBC

Prof. Martinez Bortolome is Professor of Translation Studies at the University of Oviedo and is coming to Exeter for six months on a Spanish government-funded visiting professorship. Her talk (in English) will be open to all, undergraduate, postgraduate and colleagues alike. Full details
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3 May 2018

Inaugural lecture by Professor David Jones

Full details
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3 May 201817:00

Baat-Cheet: A lecture on Sino-Indian relations by Dr Berenice Guyot-Rechard (King's College, London)

A South Asia Centre Baat-cheet seminar. Full details
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9 May 201816:00

Modern Humanities Research Association Lecture: 'The Realm of Dreams: Impressions from a Journey through its Cultural and Literary History'

Abstract to follow. Full details
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23 May 201813:00

Baat-Cheet: A lecture on Indian cinema

A talk by Prof. Rachel Dwyer. Full details
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23 May 201815:30

'Real and imaginary mobility in the Brown Atlantic: the case of Teresa Margarida da Silva Orta' (a joint seminar with the Exeter Centre for Latin American Studies)

Dr Martins holds an award (2018-20) under the AHRC Early Career Leadership Fellows scheme entitled 'Women of the Brown Atlantic: Real and Imaginary Passages in Portuguese 1711-2011'. A short project abstract follows: The project provides an innovative set of conceptual, theoretical and methodological tools for investigating how black women’s experiences of mobility in the Brown (i.e., Lusophone) Atlantic have been remembered, with particular emphasis on how the relation between real experiences of mobility and their imagination and theorisation may be traced. It interrogates, from the viewpoint of Lusophone black women’s long-term omission from critical paradigms and epistemologies, the constraints that space-oriented conceptual frames, specifically the archive metaphor, impose on the theorisation of the storage of memory. It develops a new framework for claiming untheorised gendered and queer memory sites of the Brown Atlantic by introducing the potentially field-changing metaphor of the rainbow, derived from an Afro-Brazilian popular saying. Full details
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6 June 201815:30

Translating Cultures Work in Progress Seminar

Participants' details to follow. Full details
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13 - 14 July 20189:00

Transactions and Documentation in the Persianate World

First workshop within the ERC-funded project ‘Forms of Law'. Full details
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4 October 2018

Inaugural lecture by Professor Melissa Percival

Full details
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