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Alain Chartier: Politics, Poetics and Authority at the Medieval French Court

Alain Chartier: La Politique, la poétique et l’autorité à la cour médiévale française


 Journée d’Etudes, University of Chicago’s Paris Center

6, rue Thomas Mann

75013 Paris

Located in between the BnF and Paris VII

13.00, Friday, October 12 – 15.00, Saturday, October 13, 2012

Alain Chartier, known to the sixteenth century as the ‘pere de l’eloquence françoyse’, was one of the most provocative, significant and prolific authors of late medieval France, composing both poetry and prose in Latin and French. Chartier’s works were celebrated, imitated, translated and transmitted widely throughout Europe during the fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries, and set up as models both in manuals of versification and in poetical works of the later period. It is clear from the transmission and reception of Chartier’s works that he was regarded as an authority not just in his prose works, but also in the French poetry, which delivered a unique blend of entertainment and socio-political engagement, as is beginning to be recognised by scholars. Chartier was, in other words, a figure of broad literary authority in France, and in Europe more widely. His exemplary contemporary reputation has been largely obscured until recent years.

This journée d’études aims, like recent scholarship in the area, to focus attention on the question of the legacy and impact of Chartier’s oeuvre, including discussion of his far-reaching influence on court poetry and debate, norms of eloquence, and political thought.  To what extent was Chartier’s authority connected both with his status as a writer and as a public official? How far did Chartier’s influence on successive authors and political theorists extend? Broader questions surrounding the nature of medieval authorship, poetics, and authority may also be discussed.

The journée d’études is intended to be collaborative, dialogic, and exploratory in nature.  For this reason, we welcome work in progress, as well as short-form presentations that will raise questions and facilitate conversation.  The conference will include a combination of more traditional panels and a round table. Drinks (Fri pm) and lunch (Saturday) are offered by the University of Chicago Paris Center. There is no registration fee or charge for the conference.

Please email Emma Cayley at (cc. Joan McRae - with a title and 50-100 word abstract, and specify whether you intend to give a longer (c. 25 minutes) or shorter (10-15 minutes) paper. 

NB: Please also email Emma to register if you would like to attend but do not wish to give a formal paper.

Emma Cayley, Joan McRae and Daisy Delogu

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