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Name: Cumbria Record Office and Local Studies Library, Whitehaven


Postal address: Scotch Street

Town: Whitehaven
County: Cumbria
Post code: CA28 7NL
Telephone: 01946 506420
Web address:

18 documents found for Cumbria Record Office and Local Studies Library, Whitehaven:

Code Description Date Keywords
YDX 270 Niah Vaughn: papers re: BOC Transatlantic and Around the World Yacht challenges 1992 - 1995 adventure travel journeys

Whitehaven Harbour Commissioners' cargo vessels registers, 1924-56

1924 - 1956 registration trade ports

Harrington Harbour and Dock Board: records including plans, correspondence and minutes, 1900-2006.

1900 - 2006 harbour dock port Cumbria

Workington Iron and Steel Co. Ltd: vessels engaged books and order book 1895-1970.

1895 - 1970 companies accounts commerce ships

Workington harbour: Pier Head registers, Harbour Master's log books, hoppers and dredgers log books, pilot's log books 1895-1988.

1895 - 1988 harbour port dredging pilot
YSH Whitehaven harbour, dock and railway: Harbour Commissioners committee minutes 1894 - 1995 ports transport
TRS 2/1-13

Whitehaven fishing boat applications, 1883-1902

1883 - 1902 registration

diary of John Graham, Whitehaven iron merchant & shipowner, 1875-7

1875 - 1877 trade commerce metal
YDX 69

notes on Whitehaven, Maryport, Workington and Harrington ships and shipbuilders, 1969; photographs of ships and shipyards, 1874-1968

1874 - 1969 manufacturers

copy of logbook and diary of John Barnes on the Aimwell to Brazil, 1836

1836   ships Americas travel voyages journals
YDB 18 R. & H. Jefferson, wine merchants and ship owners, Whitehaven: ships' log, deeds and papers rel to estates in Antigua. 1830 - 1860 alcohol trade commerce imports Caribbean Colonies
YDX 56

letter regarding purchase by John Moore of Isle of Man of the Intrepid of Douglas, smuggling vessel, from a Whitehaven firm, 1830

1830   ships ownership correspondence
YDX 465

John Moordaff, ship's captain: papers including records relating to ship Martha 1815-20.

1815 - 1820 captain officer ships

Whitehaven, Maryport, Workington and Carlisle shipping registers, 1786-1919, 1838-1933, 1839-1944, 1786-1886

1786 - 1944 registration

papers regarding loss of the Diligence of Whitehaven, 1754

1754   ships wrecks

letters regarding seamen's strike at Whitehaven, 19 April 1751

1751   mariners correspondence wages
D/Cu/collieries/Workington, Harrington, Broughton, Birkby and Unerigg

papers relating to shipments of coal by vessel, mid-eighteenth to mid-nineteenth centuries, including cash books, shipping accounts, Harrington day books (see also Workington estate papers)

1750 - 1850 trade commerece fuel

Harrington Harbour records, 1788-1908, Workington Harbour records, 1726-1905, including harbour account books, correspondence, tenders, specifications, plans, tonnage account books, regulations, disbursement books

1726 - 1908 ports docks finances