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Name: Staffordshire Record Office
Postal address: Eastgate Street

Town: Stafford
County: Staffordshire
Post code: ST16 2LZ
Telephone: 01785 278379
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plan of town and fortifications of Gibraltar, n.d.

  Europe defence

accounts of the Constableship of Dover Castle and Warden of Cinque Ports receiver, September 1456-7, September 1457-8, September 1459-60

1456 - 1460

ship's account of victualling, repairing of ships, 6 April temp. Henry VIII; declaration of the account of John Walwyn, captain of the ships entering in to victual, April 1557

1557   food maintenance construction King
The Sutherland papers

comprising the papers of the Leveson-Gower families, dukes of Sutherland (D593), including E/2/3, papers, comprising interrogatories, depositions, copy petition, counsel's opinions, inventories, relating to an action in the High Court of Admiralty brought by Peter Paillie, agent for certain Dutch fishermen, against Sir William Leveson regarding seizure of fishing boats by the Golden Lion and Hare, 1586-99;

1586 - 1589 navy
Sutherland, S/4

c.500 papers of Sir John Leveson, Deputy Lieutenant of Kent, late sixteenth century - early seventeenth century, including muster books, impressment lists, coastal defence, rights of wreck, list of Kent ships, 1587, etc.;

1587   recruitment navy pressganging security

appointments of Lord Cobham as Lord Lieutenant of the Cinque Ports, 1590-1602

1590 - 1602
D(W)1778 (earls of Dartmouth),

some of which has been listed by the HMC. See 11th report, appendix v; 14th report, appendix x; 15th report, appendix I, 13th report, appendix iv. The collection, originally held by the William Salt Library, is divided into three parts: some has been retained at Stafford, in c.1922 those documents relating to Canada were sent to Ottawa (mostly D(W)1778/II with some from D(W)1778/I, III) and some papers, mainly 17th century naval, were sent to the National Maritime Museum.  The collection includes many official papers, early seventeenth century to nineteenth century, concerned with positions held by the Legge family. 

1600 - 1899 collections
Sutherland P/9/2

draft letter possibly by Sir John Leveson partly concerning legal proceedings about goods captured from the St Valentine, early 17th century;

1600 - 1650 correspondence prizes cargo ships

copies depositions, instructions and letter regarding wrecks at Ramsgate and Pevensey, Sussex, 1602, 17 May 1601; copy instructions sent to George Newman, deputy for the Admiralty Court of the Cinque Ports, regarding dispute between French and English fishermen, wreck near Ramsgate, case involving Folksetone and the selling of victuals, 15 January 1602

1601 - 1602 correspondence navy

papers, including depositions, legal papers, letters, regarding Admiralty jurisdiction of the Cinque Ports, c.1601-3

1601 - 1603 correspondence navy

inquisition taken before the Bishop of Coventry and Litchfield regarding the capture in 1602 by Sir Richard Leveson of a prize ship, 1607

1602 - 1607
Sutherland E/3/6/3,5

legal papers regarding dispute between Sir John Leveson and the Earl of Dorset regarding the St Valentine of Lisbon, treasure ship, 1603-25;

1603 - 1625 ships Portugal

copy letter from Henry, Lord Cobham, to the towns of Hastings, Rye, Hythe and Folkestone regarding London fishmongers and Kent fishermen, 1603

1603   correspondence fishing

draft letter from Henry, Lord Cobham, to the Commissioners for causes concerning the Coronation, about the privileges of the Cinque Ports at the Coronation, 7 July 1603

1603   correspondence King

Thomas Dun's plan for Dover Harbour, July 1603

1603   ports

comprising /K/1, duplicate account of Sir John Wolstenholme, Henry Garway, Abraham Jacob and Morris Abbott, farmers of the customs, December 1623; /M, papers relating to ordnance including accounts relating to Portsmouth fortifications, and list of numbers of guns belonging to the Charles and of Southsea Castle `privileges', 1680/1; /N, naval papers, c.1660-88, mainly relating to prize ships, ship-building, equipment and maintenance, 1675-83; /0, c.400 papers regarding ordnance supplies for Tangier garrison and evacuation by fleet under Lord Dartmouth, 1664-84, including accounts, reports, surveys, corespondence, petitions, 28 ships' musters; /P, reports, victualling orders, etc regarding preparation for Dutch invasion, 1688; /X, c.100 papers relating to the East India Company, 1800-1801

1623 - 1801 defence coastal weapons armoury navy construction

legal papers concerning sea walls of river Severn, c.1623-85


1623 - 1685 coastal erosion defence waterways
S.MS 398

abstract from the journal of William Mynors, master's mate of the East India Ship The Eagle, 1625

1625   diary

journal by William Bagot of tour in the Low Countries and France, 1629

1629   diary travel

order of Parliamentary Committee for Admiralty that William Rogers be given a small prize bark in recompense for one lost in Dublin Bay in Parliament's service, 14 April 1646


1646   navy wrecks Government
D(W) 1788 p61 B.41

misc. papers including  conveyances of 1/8 of Prosperous Elizabeth of London and of the William of London, 1649, 1659, accounts of ships' goods, 1651-2

1649 - 1659
D868: 2/84-6

letters of Samuel Terricke to Sir Richard Leveson with news of arrival of ships from the Canaries with wine, 1660; 4/12, letter of S. Charlton to Sir Richard Leveson with news of Spanish fleet in the Canary Islands, 4 April 1657

1657 - 1660 correspondence alcohol cargo

collection of misc. letters including letter of James Duke of York to Richard Gibson regarding commission for Navy victualling, 1665

1665   correspondence
Legge Ii

c.2000 papers of George Legge, 1rst Baron Dartmouth, including naval papers, notably papers regarding the Dutch including 340-3, sale of the Golden Calf, wreck at Poole, 1673,

1673   navy ships
Legge 354

account of naval battle with Dutch off Ostende, 1673364-71, prize ships, 1674,

1674   navy Belgium Europe
Legge 374

Royal Warrant for protection of French vessels, 1674,

1674   navy ships
Legge 415-

misc. papers regarding Portsmouth fortifications, Tangier garrison, list of ships, etc. 1676-;

1676   coastal defence security
S.MS 478

collection of misc. autograph letters, including Anson, letters regarding Madeira and wine, c.1787, patronage, naval, c.1750-1810; Admiral Byng, copy paper made prior to execution, 1757; Sir William Coventry, letter regarding naval stores, n.d.; Chetwynd, papers regarding South Seas, 1721, Severne navigation, n.d.; Dartmouth, letter of attorney about South Sea Company, 1714; Lord John Gower, letters of attorney regarding sale of South Sea Stock, 1712-20; Lords of the Admiralty, commission for captaincy of the Vengeance, 1783; Hinckley, letter from HMS Victory about naval affairs, Admiral Drake, c.1800; Hampden, letter with reference to Franco-Dutch naval engagements, 1677; Jacob, letter with reference to seamen's wages and East India Company, 1783; Macclesfield, letter regarding naval patronage, 1778; Parker, letter from the Admiralty regarding water for the Phoenix, 1779; Pelham, letter concerning purchase of South Sea Stock, 1714; Townshend, order to sell South Sea Stock, 1730; Uxbridge, letters of attorney concerning South Sea Company, 1717-38; St Vincent, letters from Lord Nelson concerning Baltic expedition, 1800, and concerning San Josef, 1800, recommending ropemaker, 1813, orders regarding victualling yard at Yarmouth, 1777; Vernon (Edward), commission as gunner of HMS Norwich, 1740; Vernon (Thomas), power of attorney regarding South Sea Stock, 1712

(St Vincent)

1677 - 1813 correspondence alcohol navy deaths ships ownership
D(W)1778/III/0/3 & 0/5

plans of defences, Berwick on Tweed, Holy Island, 1683, Carlisle, 1684

1683 - 1684 coastal security Scotland

plan of Lord Culpepper's estate on James River, Virginia, 1683

1683   America Colonies
Legge V220A-274

papers of William, 2nd earl of Dartmouth, First Lord of Trade, concerning Italy, Baltic, St Petersburg, Newfoundland, West and East Indies, Africa, Falkland Islands, etc., 1684-70, & V275-343 as Secretary for the Colonies including V284-8a, papers concerning the North East passage, comprising letter of Beat Tavel, 1774, observations of John Hanson, 1774, letter of R. Valltravers, 1773, letter of M. le B. Engel concerning voyage of Captain Phipps, 1773,

1684 - 1774 commerce Europe Russia Canada Caribbean
Legge V135-7

papers relating to Trinity House, n.d., 1686-8;

1686 - 1688
Legge V152-87

financial papers relating to HM Forces expenditure, n.d., 1687-1720, including navy;

1687 - 1720 military

petition for re-affirming grant of lighthouses to Captain Villiers, 14 July 1687

1687   navigation

bundle of papers of the Duke of Norfolk's estates in Sussex, including 2-3, vouchers for accounts of Arundel etc., including repair and sale of wreck boats, sea wall repairs, 1691, 1694

1691 - 1694 maintenance coastal erosion

folder of correspondence including three letters regarding straggling seamen, 1692-6

1692 - 1696 mariners
Sutherland S/8/4-13

naval papers of John Leveson-Gower including Commission appointment, 1702, rough valuation note of prizes, c.1694, letter from Charles Sergisin and D. Lyddel regarding need to rebuild HMS Queen in royal shipyard, 1708, petition from Merchant Adventurers to the King regarding garrison on Lundy Island, eighteenth century, list of receivers of certain seamen's wages, eighteenth century, legal opinion regarding contract for rebuilding of HMS Defiance, 1705, list of naval ships, eighteenth century, list of persons owed money, 1710, rough note of timber, 1719, note of means of measuring masts at Plymouth naval yard, 1716;

1694 - 1719 navy recruitment ships construction
S.MS 1(i)

almanac and memorandum book of Gregory King, including notes on shipping, 1696

Sutherland V/1/35

Act enabling William III to pay off seamen, 1697;

1697   King legislation wages
Legge V366

short report on the Virgin Islands, eighteenth century;


1700 - 1799 Caribbean

plan of estuary of river Plate and confluence of river Uruguay, eighteenth century

1700 - 1799 waterways
D(W) 1778/III/325

map of north coast of Cornwall from St Minver to St Columb Minor, eighteenth century


1700 - 1799 illustrations
S.MS 374

notes belonging to J. Broughton including references to shipbuilders, fish sizes, eighteenth - nineteenth centuries

1700 - 1899 construction
Sutherland V/1/50

reports regarding accounts of Edward, Earl of Orford, late treasurer of Navy, 1704


printed county map of Norfolk, 1714

1714   illustrations

letter from T. Pickstock, Dartmouth, to his father Thomas at Newhouse, near Stafford, with news of his return from the `odious climate of Newfoundland', 1718

1718   correspondence Canada

bundle of letters, mostly financial and concerning continental affairs, to Adam Colclough, early eighteenth century, including reference to South Sea Company problems, 1720

1720   correspondence
Sutherland P/16/2/1-6

papers concerning the estates of the earls of Bath, including petition from Barnstaple regarding alleged encroachment of port rights by Bideford customs officers, 1723 (also P/16/1/5);


papers of the Anson family, earls of Lichfield, notably P, personal and political papers, including (P)/2/6, letter regarding places at Victualing, Transport or Navy Board, 1806; (S)/1, Anson family correspondence notably naval news and gossip and notably including references to sea bathing in Surrey, 1750,  notably the French navy, dispute with Spain over Newfoundland, 1757-8, report of Admiral Byng, 1756, etc.; (S)/4/1-6, correspondence of Admiral Lord Anson, 1730-85, n.d., materials collected for the publication of a life of Admiral Anson

1730 - 1806 correspondence food leisure swimming

travel letters of Revd Richard Congreve of Leacroft, 1733-76, including references to naval situation in Minorca, c.1738-52, travel to China, 1742, travels in Low Countries, 1752, capture of Ralph Congreve on Borneo, 1747

1733 - 1776 correspondence navy Asia

letters from Thomas Townson to Richard Congreve including references to Italian travels, 1734-78

1734 - 1778 correspondence journeys Europe

chart of East Kent, 1743 (withdrawn)


correspondence of Swinfen Jervis concerning Seamen's Hospital at Greenwich, note of payments of Merchant Seamen's Sixpences to the Treasurer of Greenwich Hospital, 1745-6, appointment as auditor of the Revenues of the Charity of the relief of widows commissioned and warrant oficers of the Royal Navy, 1747

1745 - 1747 welfare medical mariners

Admiralty commission to Captain Preston of the Basilis to press seamen to complete his crew, 1746, navy list, 1766, Steel's list of the Royal Navy, 1809, list of vessels lost, damaged and saved in the storm that happened at Jamaica, 1751

1746 - 1809 ships recruitment wrecks weather Caribbean

extract from Register of the High Court of Admiralty regarding prize court concerning the Elizabeth, Christian Peterson Styr, master, seized by private ship of war the Nonpareil with schedule of wine and its condition, 1747

1747   navy privateering alcohol

order and estimate for conversion of ship for Artic voyage, 1748

1748   exploration adventure travel

correspondence from William Bagot to his father and to Revd T. Townson, regarding tour of France and Italy, 1749-52 (also see 22/1-33)

1749 - 1752 travel Europe

estate papers, including 12, early correspondence, 1750-1835, notably 1/7, notes of a report on American affairs including mention of naval action on James River, c.1779, 1/10, letter from Robert Tomlinson with offer to teach navigation, 1780, 1/11, letter from George Marsh concerning insecticide invented by Mr Phillips for use onboard ship, 1780, 1/14, illegal trade in the Bahamas, 1780, copy letters regarding compensation claim by Dr Cales and loss of loyalist ship, 1788, 14/27, letter regarding Sussex shipwreck, c.1790

1750 - 1835 navy Caribbean

deposition of James Barry at Dublin concerning employment of alleged deserters from the regiments of General Wynward and General Blakerly on the Sally and the Boyne bound for Philadelphia, 1750

1750   navy recruitment ships america
Legge V1108

journal of a tour through Holland via Essex, 1751;

1751   travel Europe

copy letter from Richard Poulton to son John Prince Frederick at Portsmouth, 1755

1755   correspondence
D593/S/10/1 & 4

license for a floating light near Eddystone Rock, Devon, 1756, grant of lighthouse at Hunston Cliff, Norfolk, 1787

1756 - 1787 navigation

personal and naval letters of, and relating, to John Jervis, 1756-1843

1756 - 1843 navy correspondence

naval accounts of John Jervis, 1758-64


1758 - 1764 navy
MF31, 1767-8

microfilm copy of Cambridge University Library Ms Add.6294(E)pt2 of a travel journal from Nantwich to Wales, 1767

Legge V310-21

papers concerning Africa, 1770; V344-64 papers of Francis Legge, Governor of Nova Scotia, 1774-80;

1770 - 1780 Canada
Legge V303-9

papers concerning Mosquito Coast, 1773-5;

1773 - 1775 Africa travel
Legge V873-4 and 884-5

correspondence regarding European travel, 1774-82;

1774 - 1782

1774, letter to the earl of Dartmouth regarding plan for Artic exploration

1774   correspondence expedition adventure travel
S.MS 47/46/6

letter of Mr Harwood to William Congreve regarding ships wrecked off Irish coast, 1775

1775   correspondence
Legge V368

letter enclosing proposals for the encouragement of the Southern Whale Fishery, 1776;

1776   correspondence fishing
Legge V369a

minute of meeting at Admiralty regarding press warrants, 1776;

1776   navy recruitment pressganging impressment

microfilm of papers held in the Brenthurst Library, Johannesburg, relating to Capt. R.J. Gordon's travels in south Africa, c.1777-92, in Dutch

1777 - 1792
Legge V937-51

papers concerning A.K. Legge on the Prince George and other vessels, 1783-5;

1783 - 1785 ships

journal of Edward Jerningham of journey to Paris via Calais, 1786

1786   travel France Europe
Legge V1110

journal of a tour through north England to Scotland, including ferry across the Forth, 1787

1787   travel
Legge V952

, letter of John Crowther to Lord Dartmouth on voyage and wreck of the Guardian and journey in boats, 1789;

1789   correspondence travel ships

warrant of appointment of William Pitt as Constable of Dover Castle and Cinque Ports, 1792


warrant for Stephen Turner Pacey as purser, 1793


ledger of a shipwright, one volume, 1793

1793   construction shipbuilding

copy letter of Lieut. Douglas to Capt. John Grant Fraser regarding voyage of the Phillie at Newfoundland, December 1795

1795   correspondence travel ships Canada

letter book of Samuel Barrett & Co. tin plate manufacturers of Kings Bromley, 1796-1803, including trade to Scotland, Holland, Russia

1796 - 1803 correspondence Companies metal

diary of a visit by William Congreve to Portsmouth, Isle of Wight, Hampshire, 1796

1796   journal

papers of Capt. Richard Lane of the Acaster, 1797-1806, including correspondence regarding Madeira wine 1797; naval prize account, 1799; inventory of sundry cabin furniture, 1804; correspondence regarding payments to Madame Carle, Richard Lane's mistress, 1799

1797 - 1806 ships alcohol navy

letters of George Wilkes Unett, 1799-1810, including references to slave sales at St Pierre, 1799, siege of Copenhagen, September 1807, naval affairs throughout the West Indies, 1808-1810

1799 - 1810 correspondence slavery Caribbean navy

Elphingstone's voyages to Bombay, China, 1803, 1805, 1808

1803 - 1808 travel India Asia
Legge V987

letters of A.K. Legge onboard the Repulse to his brother Henry regarding naval events, 1805-9;


1805 - 1809 correspondence ships navy

travel journals of Thomas Twemlow including to Isle of Wight, France, Holland, Italy, Germany, Isle of Man, Scotland, Ireland, 1806-42

1806 - 1842 diaries Europe
D593/P/22/1/21 (withdrawn), 22-4

personal papers of 2nd Duke and Duchess of Sutherland, 1809-58, including reference to fishing, emigration, welfare of fishermen on coasts of Sutherland and Caithness, 1854-5, changes in fishing, c,1810-50, etc.

1809 - 1858 royalty

letters of James Baillie Fraser, 1810-13 and of Alexander John Fraser, 1812-13, regarding Peninsular War, including reference to embarkation from Portsmouth, 1813

1810 - 1813 correspondence battles

diary of travels by Richard Orrell to Portugal and Spain, including attack by American schooner, 1812-13

1812 - 1813 journal Europe

certified copy order of Privy Council for release from quarantine of the Duchess Bedford, sloop, 1813

1813   ships health
Legge V1045-6

logbooks of HMS Ister, 30 September 1815 - 5 February 1818, kept by Charles Legge; HMS Conway to the South Seas, 19 July 1820 - 2 September 1821, probably of Charles Legge;

1815 - 1821 navy ships
Sutherland L/4/6

Lilleshall boat building, c.1815-17;

1815 - 1817 construction

journal of Mary Bagot of travel by sea from Leghorn to Malta, Gibraltar, 1816


1816 - 1829 diary Europe
Legge V1049

letters of Charles Legge to his mother regarding naval life, 1819-20, including reference to wreck of the Ister;


1819 - 1820 correspondence navy ships
Legge V1050

papers concerning the death of Charles Legge, 1821-5;

1821 - 1825
Sutherland K/1

correspondence of chief-agents including 3/9, references to steam yachts in north-east Scotland, 1821,

Legge V1053

letter describing visit to Lima and Galapagos Islands, 1825;

1825   correspondence Peru Americas travel

Duke of Sutherland's chief agent's correspondence, including Moray Firth lighthouses, 1826

1826   navigation

journals of George S.S. Jerningham while diplomatic attache including references to suppression of slave trade, 1828-44

1828 - 1844 diaries slavery

papers of Hugh Hamilton Lindsay and his nephew Robert Crawford Antrobus chiefly relating to trade in China, 1829-74, including travel to Java, Phillipines

1829 - 1874 commerce Asia Indonesia

journal of William Bagot of tour through France, Italy, Greece, Syria, Holy Land, Egypt, etc., illustrated, 1832-4

1832 - 1834 diary travel Europe Asia Africa

accounts of disbursements by D.D. Inglis in Italy, France and Belguim, 1833-4

1833 - 1834 Europe
Sutherland 3/22

Moray Firth steam ship service and Cromarty Piers and Harbours Bills, 1834, 3/28, emigration from Sutherland, 1840,

1834 - 1840 legislation

letter from Henry Robinson to T.W. Giffard with offer to sell him the brig, frigate and schooner from his `little navy', 1835

1835   correspondence ships

printed chart of the Mediterranean sea and part of the Black Sea, reduced from large sheet in 4 parts by J.F. Dessiou, master, R.N., 1835

1835   Europe illustrations

service appointment certificates of Talavera Vernon Anson, 1836-66

1836 - 1866

diary of George Thomas Whitgreave of visit to France, etc., 1836-8

1836 - 1838 journal Europe

letters from William Bagot to his father describing overseas tour, 1838-9

1838 - 1839 correspondence travel

letters of Commission as Plenipotentiary at Court of Queen of Portugal with full power to conduct discussions relating to suppression of the slave trade, 1838

1838   Royalty Europe slavery

copy letter from James Robinson Unett, Geelong, Victoria, Australia, including advice on preparations for emigration, 4 August 1840

1840   correspondence

travel diary of F.W. Wilbraham to France, Italy and Belgium, 1841

1841   journal Europe

misc. correspondence of George S.S. Jerningham, including reference to submarine telegraph link with France, 1841

1841   communications ships
Sutherland P/24/1/1

family letters written to Lord Stafford while on the Ondine, yacht, in the Mediterranean, 1846;

1846   correspondence Europe travel

diary of a journey by William Congreve from London to Calcutta onboard the Minden, including view of Madeira, 1849, journal while in India, 1850

1849 - 1850 journal travel ships

printed map of Norway, 1852

1852   illustrations Scandinavia

Duke of Sutherland's chief agent's correspondence bundles, including expenditure on sea wall at Dunrobin, 1853

1853   coastal erosion maintenance defence

journal of Thomas Unett in the Crimean War, 1854-5, including references to discipline at sea, descriptions of Malta, Gallipoli, Marseilles, etc.

1854 - 1855 diary battles navy Europe

volume containing copy of dispatches of George S.S. Jerningham from Stutgart, including references to emigration to America, 1854-9

1854 - 1859
Sutherland 3/44

costs of fitting up a yacht, 1856,

1856   maintenance construction
Sutherland 10/12-13

finances of the Undine, 1856-7;

1856 - 1857 ships costs
Sutherland P/22/1/8

letters from Lord and Lady Stafford mostly about the building of yacht and voyage to Baltic, 1856;

1856   correspondence construction travel
D(W)1788 parcel 61 B.9b

account by A.F.F. Boughey of voyage to India, 1 July 1853 - 5 April 1856

1856   travel Asia
Sutherland E/7/22

legal papers regarding case in the High Court of Admiralty relating to the collision between the Undine, yacht, and Auspicious, ship, 1857;

1857   navy

travel diaries of William Walter Congreve, to Italy via Newhaven, Marseilles, 1860

1860   journals Europe

correspondence regarding rights to wrecks on coast in Burton in Wirral, 1860-81

1860 - 1881

printed plan of harbour of Victoria, Vancouver, 1861

1861   ports Canada

travel diary of unknown visitor to France, Belgium, 1868

1868   journal Europe

Duke of Sutherland's chief agent's correspondence, including oyster fishing at Cromarthy Firth, 1871

1871   shellfish

reminiscences by Sir Charles Wolseley, including travel to America, Far East, India, 1873-8

1873 - 1878 journeys Asia

contract for sale, draft deeds, sale particulars with plan, correspondence, West Cowes, Isle of Wight, 1874-5

1874 - 1875
Sutherland 8/12 steamer service on north coast of Sutherland, 1875, 1875   transport

letters to Mrs Rebecca Tylecote including reference to voyage and death at Singapore of Capt. William Hall, c.1877

1877   correspondence travel Asia

Duke of Sutherland's chief agent's correspondence, including c, sea fishing off Coiach, Rosshire with a petition from fishermen, 1879-86

1879 - 1886

two coloured plans of St Katherine & Victoria Docks, 1879, printed coloured bird's eye view of River Thames, n.d.

1879   wharfs illustrations waterways
Sutherland P/24/8/4

charter parties, list of crew, inventory, etc., concerning the Sans Peur, Lady Torfrida, Cantarina yachts, 1884-6;

1884 - 1886

two printed plans of fjord approach to Stockholm, 1887

1887   waterways Scandinavia

three service certificates of Thomas Rowson in the Royal Marines, 1890-1924

1890 - 1924
Sutherland 3/83

steamer service on the north and west Scottish coasts, 1895,

1895   transport
Sutherland 3/85

Catania, yacht, 1897,



notes on a visit to Norway, 1897

1897   travel Scandinavia

register and recollections and of the Byrd family by Edward Byrd, c.1900, including of family members who emigrated to Australia


letters of Richard Unett to his parents regarding service in the Far East, Yemen, eastern Mediterranean, 1948-57, including voyage home from Malaya

1948 - 1957 correspondence travel Asia