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Name: Berwick-upon-Tweed Record Office
Postal address: Borough Council Offices
Wallace Green
Town: Berwick-upon-Tweed
Post code: TD15 1ED
Telephone: 01289 301865
Web address:

31 documents found for Berwick-upon-Tweed Record Office:

Code Description Date Keywords

 papers, letters, Acts, memorandums, statements, rentals, plan, etc., regarding Berwick fisheries, 1603-1827

1603 - 1827 sea fishing

letters from the Admiralty to the Mayor of Berwick regarding impressment for the navy, 1770

1770   navy admiralty impressment

letter to Thomas Riddell from his son aboard HMS Alkmaar, 4 April 1800; 78-9, commissions of John Alexander Allan Riddell as Lieut. of HMS Royal William, 1837, and aboard HMS Cornwallis, 1837

1800 - 1837 navy service
ZHG. V/1

 includes receipt for building a boat, 1716

1716   shipbuilding

Berwick-upon-Tweed shipping registers comprising 1-3, shipping registers, 1824-1910; 4, register of transactions, 1855-85; 5, sailing boat register, 1869-98; 6, fishing boat register, 1887-1916

1824 - 1916 ships shipping registers

minute books, index, rough minute book and letter book of the Berwick upon Tweed Harbour Commissioners, 1850-95

1850 - 1895 fishing correspondance

 three boxes of fourteen bundles of assorted papers relating to the Tweed Fisheries Bill, 1757-1861

1757 - 1861 fishing legal

leases and other legal papers regarding Sremerston foreshore, 1902-5

1902 - 1905 foreshore admiralty legal

 bundles of letters, cases, proposals, etc. relating to the dispute at Holy Island with fishermen over tithes, inc. accounts of fish tithes, 1849-57, 1788-1857

1788 - 1857 fishing tithes

legal papers relating to legal disputes, 1752-94, inc. over fish at Holy Island

1752 - 1794 fishing law
NRO.683/22/1-139 collection of papers relating to the fisheries at Cheswick, Goswick, inc. Goswick, Cheswick and Holy Island stations, and the Tweed, 1801-1952, inc. volumes of accounts, letters, leases, etc 1801 - 1952 fishing accounts

folder of papers relating to various historical and archaeological topics, inc. harbour and fisheries of Holy Island, late nineteenth century

1875 - 1900 archaeology harbour
NRO.3168/1-39 papers of Berwick Harbour Commissioners, c.1884-1900, comprising correspondence, copy letters, Sinking Fund papers, accounts, misc. papers regarding the Salmon fisheries 1884 - 1900 harbour port authority

 photocopies of records of Ralph Holmes and Son, fish merchants, Berwick, notably 6-7, North Bell's Fishery's account books, 1880, 1891

1880 - 1891 fishing accounts
NRO 37

 Berwick Sea Fisheries Minutes

  sea fishing
NRO 3362

photocopies of transcripts of two journals of Dr Henry Richardson's voyage to western Australia on the Sultana, convict ship, May - August 1859, and aboard the Lord Raglan from Fremantle to London, January - May 1860


1859 - 1860 journals convicts
BRO868 Port of Berwick (Board of Trade): maps 19th Century 1800 - 1899 harbours charts

notice regarding Annual General Meeting of Berwick Shipping Company, 14 November 1848

1848   shipping

papers relating to Holy Island, comprising account of the loss of the Herring, 1875, photographs, newspaper cuttings, 1929-30

1929 - 1930 wreck
BRO.35/1-2 (formerly ZMD.26), minute and letter book of Berwick branch of National Sea Fisheries Protection Assoc., 1884-5 1884 - 1885 fishing correspondance

wages book of Allan Brothers Ltd, June 1901 - August 1903

1901 - 1903 shipping wages

 records of Allan Brothers Ltd, timber merchants of Berwick-upon-Tweed, c.1829-1965, inc. papers of William Allan and Allan Brothers, comprising account ledgers, day books, invoice book, balance book, account book of the Jessie, letter

1829 - 1965 timber accounts shipping

bill for freight carried on the Rapid from London by the Berwick Shipping Company, 29 October 1840

1840   shipping commerce

bill of General Steam Navigation Company, 18 December 1830

1830   shipping steam
BRO.200/1 photocopy of letter from James Chape, midshipman on board the Russell to his mother in Tweedmouth regarding action off Croix, 13 June 1795 1795   navy service

 book of compiled notes on Berwick borough's business, 1684, inc. headings 130, `because of fear of dearth, the merchants are restrained from shipping'; 168, `all strangers brining lead here by sea to pay 1s 6d per tun'; 180, `about an anchor

1684   shipping business

photocopies of two letters and invoice with note regarding John Walker of Selkirk and sea transport of goods and sea trip, references to the Neptune, the Betsy and the Tweed Packet in 1792-4

1792 - 1794 shipping

 photocopies and photographs illustrating the Fanny Grey and the Fanny Durant

  illustrations vessels
BRO.1047 Berwick port: fishing vesel registers 1902 - 1989

records of Berwick Salmon Fisheries Company Ltd, comprising 1, papers of Berwick Salmon Fisheries Company, 2, Old Shipping Company and 3, General Shipping Company of Berwick, early nineteenth to twentieth centuries, inc. annual reports, committee

1800 - 1900 fishing accounts
B9/1 letter book, 1766-1819, inc. statement of accounts for rebuilding the pier and improving the harbour, 1808-21; D6/2, Ad Hoc Committee Minute Book of Committee for Berwickshire Fishermen's Fund, 1881-2; S/1-3, papers of the Harbour Commissioners, 1768 1766 - 1949 harbour port administration