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Name: Dorset History Centre
Postal address: Bridport Road

Town: Dorchester
County: Dorset
Post code: DT1 1RP
Telephone: 01305 250550
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description of smuggling activites of one Bennet at Upton turnpike gate, nineteenth century

1800 - 1899

Belle of Weymouth: log book 1866.

  log ships
SR file

photographs and information about shipping, particularly Bridport

  illustrations trade commerce
SR Charts

list of charts and surveys held by the Hydrographer of the navy

QS Order Book II, pp279-80

Council Orders to Lord Lieutenant and Custos Rotulorum to take up seamen, 1779

1779   government navy impressment recruitment
QS County Prison 8

draft reports of Clerk of Peace and gaol chaplain containing remard on numbers, comparitive disorderliness and `feverish state of mind' of smugglers in Dorchester gaol, 1825; remarks on diminution of numbers, 1826-8

1826 - 1828 jail minister health prison
Photocopy 89

part of map of harbour showing part of Poole, ?early seventeenth century

1600 - 1650 charts coastal
Photocopy 665

(original in Wiltshire Record Office), Bond for £2OO relating to a Newfoundland fishing trip, 1608

Photocopy 609/2

Trinity House certificate of exemption from impressment for Robert Comben, assistant keeper of the Portland lights, 1806

1806   service recruitment lighthouses
Photocopy 608

plan of harbour, 1823

1823   development coastal
Photocopy 607/1

extract from King's Bench plea roll of case against Luke Presley Moon of Preston for signalling to smuggling vessel with lights, rockets, etc., 1828

1828   prosecution
Photocopy 568

list of contents of JC Robinson's scrapbook on Swanage [held at county library reference dept]

Photocopy 550/3

customs certificate for 9 quarters of wheat carried in lez lucke of Christchurch, Elias Pountes master and owner, bound for Rye, 9 January 1542/3

1542 - 1543 trade commerce cargo ships
Photocopy 550/2

certificate of unloading at Rye of 28 quarters of malt carried in le trynyte (of ?Christchurch), John Burges master, 2 May 1533

1533   customs cargo commerce ships trade
Photocopy 513/1-47

letters to John Buddle mainly concerning Tanfield Moor Colliery, Durham, 1824-33 with references to shipments of coal to Swanage and Weymouth

1824 - 1833 correspondence mining shipping
Photocopy 493

plan of Poole harbour and Studland Bay, 1783, corrected, 1829

[D.400/4, corrected plan, 1848]

1783 - 1829 charts development coastal
Photocopy 492

harbour entrance, 1829

Photocopy 491

chart of the Isle Road and Race of Portland, 1779

1779   maps
Photocopy 490

plan of Weymouth harbour, 1787

1787   development coastal
Photocopy 489

plan of harbour, 1787

1787   development coastal
Photocopy 481

table of imports and exports, 1743-1808

1743 - 1808 trade commerce cargo
Photocopy 460

description of wreck of Norwegian vessel Christiane on Portland Beach, 8 September 1883 by JC Camben

1883   ships
Photocopy 454

Great Britain's Coasting Pilot, by Captain Greenville Collins, 1753 (Dorset only)

1753   maps charts
Photocopy 404

rough plan of harbour showing part of Poole, ?early seventeenth century

1600 - 1650 charts coastal
Photocopy 403

 plan of Harbour, Poole and surrounding land, 1597

1597   development coastal
Photocopy 365/24 copy agreement for extinction of common rights on acquisition of land in manor of Portland for erection of new lighthouse by Trinity House, with plan, 1904 1904   ownership communications signalling
Photocopy 365/20

plan of proposed site of wooden pier at Castleton for steamboat passengers etc designed by Capt. Charles Aug. Manning, Portland Castle, 1848

1848   development leisure tourism
Photocopy 365/17

chart by Alexander Lamb to illustrate suggestions for converting Portland Roads into a harbour, 1826

1826   environment development coastal
Photocopy 337/1-4

papers of Anthony Sturt, Cashier of the Victualling Service, 1683-9, 1706-7

1683 - 1707 food finances
Photocopy 266

history and development of Messrs Cosens and Co. Ltd of Weymouth, and their pleasure steamers, 1923

1923   Companies shipping leisure travel tourism
Photocopy 189/1-2 (Original DC/LR:A 4/3)

certificates concerning men taken on a voyage from Lyme Regis to Virginia, 1678 and enslaved in Algiers, 1681-2

1678 - 1682 America Africa pirates piracy slavery
Photocopy 188 (original DC/LR:F 2)

memorandum concerning the Friendship of London in Lyme Regis harbour laden with tobacco from Virginia, 1714

1714   ships cargo trade commerce America colonies
Photocopy 180

list of goods seized at Lyme Regis and elsewhere, eighteenth century

1700 - 1799 smuggling
Photocopy 178

Admiralty Office letter to Mayor of Lyme Regis, enclosing press warrants, 1787

1787   navy correspondence recruitment impressment

instructions to Whitechurch Canonicorum vicar on procedure to obtain payment of naval prize-money to a parishioner, 1812

1812   ministers navy

reference to money collected for the redemption of seamen held captive by Turks, 1668

1668   pirates piracy

note in Sydling St Nicholas register that John Webber of Broadmayne, aged 15, was shot in 1832 by the coastguard having been employed by his master to assist smugglers in carrying away tubs

1832   death

rate on ships and assessments of value of imports and exports, 1790s-1837

1790 - 1837 trade commerce Customs
PE/LR/RE7,10, 16

references to burials and wrecks at Lyme Regis, the Alexander, an East India ship (1815), the Angelina (1851), Heroine (1852), La Jeune Rose (1854), HMS Formidable (1915)

1815 - 1915 ships navy deaths

certificate of banns called onboard HMS Ajax, 1916

1916   navy ships marriages

burial of Robert Trotman, smuggler shot on the shore, 30 March 1765

1765   death

papers concerning payment of wages to relations and dependents of men serving in the Royal Navy, including abstracts of Acts concerning payment of wages, 1792 and applications for payments and Pay Office circular, 1807

1807   laws service

Charmough vestry minutes including resolution to pay for defence of diggory gordge, parish clerk, prosecuted for smuggling, 1765

1765   security

notes on sudden deaths, including many drownings, and interesting details of shipwrecks, 1837-8, all in Burton Bradstock burial register, 1813-48

1813 - 1848

summary of Weymouth Shipping Registers, 1786-1913; Crew Lists and Agreements, 1863-1913

1786 - 1913 registration
NG/SR/PL, NG/SR/WY HM Customs & Excise (addnl): returns of vessels registered at Poole and Weymouth and other records 1892 - 1992 trade commerce sailings

Poole Shipping Registers, 1855-93; Summary of Shipping Registers, 1855-1913; Crew Lists and Agreements, 1863-1913

1855 - 1913 registration

Lyme Regis shipping Registers, 1786-1880 and summary; Transactions Book, 1836-55; Crew Lists and Agreements, 1863-80

1786 - 1880 registration

summary of Bridport Shipping Registers, 1832-80; Crew Lists and Agreements, 1863-80

1863 - 1880 registration
NG/SR Poole Customs and Excise: shipping registers, construction, registration and transfer documents 1855 - 1991
NG/SR Weymouth Customs and Excise: letter book, commissions of appointment, outport records, including Poole 1703 - 1883 correspondence
NG/SR Weymouth Customs and Excise: shipping registers, construction, registration and transfer documents 1881 - 1993

gaol register note of smuggler released in consequence of coronation of William IV, 1821

1821   jail Royalty

 Royal Navy Cordite Factory, Holton Heath: employee records 1918-1966

1918 - 1966 industry arms armaments

Southboume Coastguard Records, 1963-8

1963 - 1968
Microfilm at Weymouth Library

Port Books at five-yearly intervals, 1660-1750

1660 - 1750 harbours

microfilm [original at Harvard] of letterbook of Robert Gregory, Mayor of Weymouth, Vice Admiral of Dorset and Searcher at Poole, c.1560-1610

1560 - 1610 navy

chart of Portland to Christchurch, 1946

1946   maps

chart of Portland and Weymouth Roads showing proposed harbour and breakwater, 1847

1847   maps development environment coastal

chart of Dorset coast (part) showing Portland Bill and Harbour, 1863

1863   maps coastal

chart of Straight Point, Exmouth (Devon) to Portland, 1946

1946   maps
DI/JT 38

petition concerning schooner Margaret, seized by Customs officers at Poole, c.1800

1800   ships smuggling

letter concerning proposal to construct bank for protection of harbour, 1785

1785   correspondence environment defence coastal

letters of attorney to sign petition for private Act to inclose and divide mudlands in manor of Canford and town of Poole, 1784

1784   Laws environment

half page concerning smuggling case at Lyme regis with defendent Lancelot Jordan, seventeenth century

1600 - 1699
DI.LV3 & 4

customs and excise accounts 1559-60, 1562-3

1559 - 1563 finances

Legal Papers, including memorandum of procedure in the Poole Admiralty Court, c.1698; quay duties papers, 1773, 1835-7, 1796-7

1698 - 1837 navy Law

includes Cobb Committee Minutes, 1898-1954; Sea Defence Committee, 1947; Reports of Inspector under pleasure boat bye-laws, 1899-1904; legal papers relating to sea-bathing, 1856 & Cobb duties, 1869; Cobb papers including plan, n.d., extention

1856 - 1954 leisure tourism

account of the cargoe of tobacco aboard the Elizabeth from the Potomac River to Lyme Regis which arrived 13 July 1739

1739   ships trade commerce

copies of accounts rendered of Burridge family, Lyme Regis, merchants and shipping agents, includes trade with America, 1703-31

1703 - 1731 commerce

Burridge family papers include agreement about the Hopewell of Lyme Regis, 1653

1653   ships

Lyme Regis apprenticeship indentures, principally seventeenth to nineteenth centuries, includes many to mariners and some sailmakers, shipwrights, many sent to Maryland, Virginia and Barbadoes, late seventeenth century

1600 - 1899 recruitment construction builders America Caribbean

misc., fragment of brief relating to the proposed building of a harbour at Seaton, Devon, n.d.

  construction ports coastal

Lyme Regis borough archive, including F, G & H, records relating to the Cobb, including the sea-walls, repairs, officials, Customs House, shipping and financial accounts, 1547-1949; PE/LR:CW 12/2, 12/5, PCC 3/2,SP, correspondence and plans rel

1547 - 1982 environment maintenance buildings trade commerce coastal

plan of part of harbour, ?seventeenth century

1600 - 1699 development coastal

records relating to harbour, 1280-1922, including G1, `Old Doom Book', c.1312-64 with memorandum on Bridport's maritime rights, grants of indulgences for repair of harbour, 1446, petitions to the Crown regarding repair money, 1619-20, harbour mast

1280 - 1922 ports maintenance

references within Bridport borough accounts to pirates kept in prison, 1613

1613   piracy jail gaol

letter to corporation of Bridport from the Captain of HMS Orestes about measures for coastal protection, 1782

1782   correspondence navy ships security defence

alphabetical register of ships or index to insurance broker's register of accounts, with some memoranda and addresses, 1715-17

1715 - 1717

account book of insurance broker or office keeper, with accounts due to underwriters, names of ships & ports, 1716, notes of transactions with William Bignall, 1717

1716 - 1717

notes about Portland Bill lighthouses, n.d.

  coastal signalling

copy of emigrant's diary to Australia, 1888-9 and photocopy of passenger list of Sobraon owned by JT Wright and Co. of Plymouth

1888 - 1889 journal travel ships Companies

certificates of service of William Hansford on Blenheim, Colossus & Leander, 1860-3

1860 - 1863 ships

letters from Thomas Keech to his brother Henry at Toller Porsorum, describing his job as an excise man in Southampton, Cornwall and Bristol, 1816-29

1816 - 1829 correspondence customs

journal of George Harris of voyages to India, 1793 (Bengal) & 1801; local Indian voyages, 1794-1800, 1803-12; passenger list for voyage to India, 1803; passenger list of voyage to England, 1822

1793 - 1822 travel

examples of contemporary sea trade to France, Cape Town and Jamaica, used in book-keeping exercises, 1873

1873   commerce Europe Africa Caribbean accounts finances

Dorset County Chronicle giving inter alia account of wreck of the Royal Adelaide, 1872

1872   newspapers ships

members' tickets of Shipwrecked Fishermen and Mariners' Royal Benevolent Society, 1855-68

1855 - 1868 illustrations associations

discharge certificates from ships of Richard Frampton of Weymouth,    1847-66

1847 - 1866 service

certificate of entry into service of William Norris, 1830

1830   recruitment

Act of restoring and rebuilding the haven and piers..., 1714-21, printed 1722

1714 - 1722 ports harbours maintenance

journal of voyage from Gravesend to Australia of Mrs Annie Beere of Beaminster, emigrant, 1854-5

1854 - 1855 travel

programme and souvenier of Prince of Wales visit to open harbour, 1933

1933   Royalty
D1/9427, 9432-5, 9442a & b, 9449

memoranda and legal opinions concerning encroachments on mudlands and waste, rights of Sir John Webb as lord of Canford manor etc., 1788-96

1788 - 1796 environment ownership

timetables for London and South Western Railway and Steam Packet, 1858

1858   transport trains

Act for prevention of smuggling, 1774

1774   law

rules of discipline on board HM ships, 1730, with act amending laws relating to government of ships, 1748-9

1730 - 1749 navy service

warrant from Lord High Admiral to Lord Howard to deliver up a ship with Spanish wine taken by pirates, 1604

1604   navy alcohol piracy

indictments of Edward Thynn, Joseph May and Henry Hurding for piracy, Weymouth, 1603

1603   pirates

papers regarding Sir Bourchier Wrey's estates, 1799-1877, including letters to EJ Weld regarding Ilfracombe harbour

1799 - 1877 correspondence ports

letter referring to vessel forced onto Portland Beach, 1774

1774   correspondence wrecks ships

lease of carriage of earth, sand, clay and gravel from Canford Heath for buildings in Poole, ships' ballast and brick kilns, 1741

1741   construction

papers concerning inquest on Anne Fry of Canford Magna and trial of three excise officers for her murder, 1821-2

1821 - 1822 customs crime coroners prosecution

letters from George Till on the ship Duke of York to his wife, 1820

1820   correspondence travel

letter from Thomas Honeybome on the ship Princess Amelia in the East Indies, 1809

1809   correspondence travel

charts showing Portland Bill and St Aldhelm's Head with Portland Harbour, 1848 and Start Point to Portland, 1857

1848 - 1857 maps coastal

papers, commissions, etc. of Commander E F Weld, RN, 1844-66

1844 - 1866 navy service

papers relating to the Weld family yachts and races, 1859-78

1859 - 1878 leisure yachting

certified copy parish register entries for Worth Matravers, concerning wreck of the Halsewell off Purbeck coast, 1786

1786   ships

letters mentioning the loss of HMS Camilla, 1861

1861   correspondence navy ships wrecks

journal of Charles K Sheridan on a voyage to Portugal & Spain, 1837, with some illustrations

1837   travel Europe
D/RYVR:X3-6, 8

out-letter books and papers of Henry Fox, Secretary at War, referring to Army transports, marine regiments, occasionally to Naval affairs, 1746-55

1746 - 1755 government navy

out-letter book of Henry Fox, Secretary of War with reference to troops required to suppress smuggling, 1747-8

1747 - 1748 government

out-letter book of Thomas Milner Gibson at the Board of Trade, including references to Trinity House, lighthouses, Ramsgate harbour and other coastal matters, Fitzroy's storm signals etc., 1861-6, notably letters about Sir David Brewster's claims

1862 - 1866 navigation communications
D/RWR:X 17

letters from Samuel Morley to John Bright at the Board of Trade about the use of HM ship as a training vessel at Bristol, 1869

1869   correspondence government navy
D/RWR:T75 & L8

deeds and lease of Ower Passage House, 1698, 1722 and 1789

1698 - 1789
D/RWR:T504, E107

two letters mentioning stone for Ramsgate Pier, 1771


1771   correspondence construction coastal

leases of coal wharfs near Wareham Quay, 1759-72

1759 - 1772 mining

provision in a Wareham deed for f5O to be adventured in the Dolphin of Bristol (150 tons) sailing to Newfoundland for a summer fishing voyage, 1671

1671   ships investment

annuities charged on 3/32 share of Eddystone Rock lighthouse, 1761, 1764

1761 - 1764 ownership communications signalling coastal

agreement for sale of new-built ship on stocks at Hamworthy, 1768, with references to purchase of ships allegedly at election bribe, in Poole election papers, 1768-9

1768 - 1769 government

letters regarding detention of fly cutter by customs officers, Poole, 1769

1769   correspondence

assignment of portions of salary of Anthony Lucas as Commissioners of Excise, 1788

1788   wages customs

letter from Robert Cribb to Henry Drax regarding position within Customs, 1739

1739   correspondence

Notice of auction of Mariner and Port Glasgow at Bristol, 1869

1869   ships

request of John Strugnell for post of coal meter at Portsmouth, undated but within bundle 1755-71

1755 - 1771 mining

agreement to mortgage harbour dues, petty customs etc. to pay for harbour improvements and rebuilding bridge, 1847

1847   development environment maintenance

bills of sale of shares in the Elizabeth (formerly the Halifax1714-17

1714 - 1717 ships ownership

a list, made in 1922, of records at the Weymouth Customs House, with transcripts of some letters, (1694-1722)

1694 - 1922 archives correspondence
D/RGB:LL 640

a list, made in 1922, of records at the Customs House, with transcripts of some letters, (1694-1772)

1694 - 1922 archives correspondence

transcripts of letter to and from the Weymouth collector of Customs mentioning wrecks, 1694-1772

1694 - 1772 correspondence

2 small notebooks containing material for Dorset naval history lectures by RG Bartelot, c.1900

1900   navy education

letter book of Isaac Solly, chiefly concerned with Royal Dockyard matters, 1837-8

1837 - 1838

contract for lighting outer pier and bridge, 1847

1847   coastal

release for money held by deputy Collector of Customs, Plymouth, 1682


appraisal under writ directed to Richard Enys and Timothy Hamlyn of 26 bunches of coral, six remnants of cambric and one piece of coarse black say seized by William Gluvias as forfeit, Cornwall, 1667

1667   cargo

deed of 1/16th of the Grantham, 1725

1725   ships ownership

includes journals of voyages from St Helena to Bombay, 1822 and aboard the Duchess of Athol from England to Bombay via the Cape of Good Hope and return via Egypt, illustrated, 1828

1822 - 1828 travel India ships Africa

journal of Robert Cater Oakley with 20th Reg., includes description of Heligoland, Ireland, Portugal and Spain, St Helena, 1811-24

1811 - 1824 travel Europe

memorandum on rating dispute in consequence of exciseman moving from Bere Regis to Shitterton, eighteenth century

1700 - 1799 customs
D/PIT:T3, T6

deeds of Thomas Green's New Passage House and ferry to Poole, 1721-53

1721 - 1753 transport routes

map of harbour, 1883

1883   charts coastal

Wareham Docks Bill, including schedule of tolls, 1849

1849   Laws Customs
D/PAV:7, 8

photographs of Charmouth beach, n.d.


ballast regulations 1811-21 and notice about ballast lighters, 1821; bills of exchange and sale for various ships, 1817-71; crew list for Two Brothers of Poole, 1820; deed of settlement and papers about Poole, Isle of Purbeck, Isle o

1811 - 1875 ownership ships commerce

includes poster of Bournemouth/Swanage Motor road and Ferry Company, n.d.

  illustrations transport shipping

Parliamentary bill to authorize works on harbour, 1914


1914   Laws government

copy will of George Holland of Poole, coal merchant, 1838, with notes; accounts of his estate and executors giving details of the shipping and coal trade, 1833-45

1833 - 1845 mining commerce
D/NJH:A/B 1-8, F 18,19

ballast regulations, 1811-21; bills of exchange and sale for various ships, 1817-71; crew list, 1820 and papers about Newfoundland trade; deed of settlement and papers about Poole, Isle of Purbeck, Isle of Wight and Portsmouth Steam Packet Company

1811 - 1871 ownership commerce transport

letter of thanks to E Dean for help in conveying Isle of Purbeck lifeboat, 1866

1866   correspondence rescue

National Coastwatch, St Alban's Head: daily registers of passing ships 1995-2009.

1995 - 2009 ships sealanes shipping volunteer

3 volumes of the diary of Sir George Bingham KCB Lt Col. 53rd Reg. during the voyage from Plymouth to St Helena on board HMS Northumberland which took Napoleon to St Helena, 1815-21

1815 - 1821 travel America navy ships

bundle of bills of sale of the Thomas and Ann, 1718-24

1718 - 1724 ships ownership

papers of Henry John Woolcott, including orders as captain of SS Guayaguil, 1860 & letters of thanks from passengers of SS Pacific, 1868

1860 - 1868 ships travel

copy of an Order of Council referring to the seamen of Dorset press-ganged, 1756

1756   recruitment navy impressment

notes referring to four Lyme Regis sailors held for ransom by Algiers pirates, 1677-9

1677 - 1679 piracy kidnap

Mayoral ship certificate for the Ann and Emily , 1848


photocopy of letter of Capt. John Byng to the Mayor of Lyme regarding convoy from Plymouth to Newfoundland, 23 April 1742

1742   correspondence navy

diary of Benjamin Lester of Poole with reference to visit of excise officer in consequence of information laid about rum on Lester's premises, 9 August 1790

1790   customs alcohol smuggling

references to press gangs in diaries of the Lester family of Poole, 1770-1802

1770 - 1802 impressment navy recruitment

diaries of Isaac Lester, 1765-78

1765 - 1778 journals

advice on management of crew in a letter from Admiral T M Russell, 1813

1813   navy discipline

photocopy of sea journal of Benjamin Lester to Newfoundland, 1767-71, with description of French and English fishing there

1767 - 1771 travel

letter from George Garland to HO Wills, with mention of slave trade, 1806

1806   correspondence commerce slavery

diary of Benjamin Lester, at Newfoundland, with highly detailed entries referring to the fisheries, 1762 with detailed specifications for vessel, 1719 & 1745

1719 - 1762 fishing

letters of George Garland from Rouen, 1775-6, with remarks on advantages of smuggling for private individuals

1775 - 1776 correspondence
D/LEG:F 2-10

various wrecks mentioned in the diaries of the Lester family, 1761-1802

1761 - 1802 ships

account of death of Preventative officer on Purbeck coast, pre-1839

1839   smuggling

diaries and letter books and other business papers of the Lester and Garland families of Poole, Newfoundland merchants, eighteenth to nineteenth centuries

1700 - 1899 traders commerce

records of the Lester and Garland families including diaries, ledgers, letter-books, particularly concerned with the trade with Newfoundland, seventeenth - nineteenth centuries, for details see below

1600 - 1899 commerce

photograph of old stone pier at ?Swanage, 1929

1929   illustrations

sale of 1/8th of the pink Adventurer to James Gould of Dorchester, 1689

1689   ships ownership

sale of 1/16th of the William of Weymouth, 1683

1683   ships ownership
D/FRY:614a & b

customs bonds (coal and pipe clay), of Patience of Poole, 1732 and customs bond, 1734

1732 - 1734 ships cargo

customs cocket of the Jesus at Bridport, 1564/5

1564 - 1565 ships

 Portland ferry agreement, 1671

1671   ferries transport boats

inquest into drowning of Elizabeth Taylor, whilst trying to walk across mudland when the Ower passage boat was driven aground, 1759

1759   death ferries

appointment of Roger Clavell as collector of customs, Poole, 1721

1721   recruitment

plea in libel case concerning conduct of John Crouch, master of ship belonging to Samuel Rolles, in Savannah and elsewhere, 1786

1786   America prosecutions

warrant authorising searches of ships etc. by Commissioners of Customs, Poole, 1721


letters to Captain, later Vice Admiral, Robert O'Brian Fitzroy, some about command of HMS Royal Sovereign, 1859-95

1859 - 1895 correspondence navy ships

papers concerning the naval career of Vice-Admiral Robert Fitzroy, 1818-63

1818 - 1863 navy service
D/DEV J.A. Devenish plc, brewers, Weymouth: brewing, public house, shipping and family records. 1800 - 1980 alcohol distilleries

specimen letters of credit for Greek warship, 1832

1832   finances

sale particulars for Osmington station property, 1925


engineers agreement to build harbour, 1740; accounts; Improvement Act, 1823; agreement on proposed canal, 1825

1825   ports Laws development waterways
D/COL:B 16,17, X 14

accounts and shares in various ships, 1810-47; description of the launching of Alfred the Great, 1850

1810 - 1850 ownership

account by Mrs Hannah Abbot of five week holiday from Clapham to Dorset, September 1798, includes references to the Royal Family and their saltwater bathing, their staying onboard the St Fiorenzo, the Guernsey Packet, and the celebrations o

1798   leisure travel Royalty ships

letter from Harry Jennings to brother Wal of account of first world war naval actions and the sinking of HMS Speedy, 9 October 1914

1914   correspondence navy ships wrecks battles

minutes taken at the Committee of the Council by the Secretary of State, 1693, concerning the navy which was engaged in the War of the League of Augsburg, 1689-97

1689 - 1697 government

list of ships under command of Sir Cloudesley Shovell to go before Dunkirk, 1695

1695   navy
D/BLX:L12, X17, 19, 24, 26-8, 30, 41; D.800/1

letters concerning the fleet, to Sir John Trenchard, Secretary of State from the Secretary at War and the First Lord of the Admiralty, 1692-5

1692 - 1695 correspondence navy

papers in the case of John Willie, collector of customs for Poole, 1677-9

1677 - 1679

cash book of William Hounsell & Co of Bridport, 1777-1856

1777 - 1856 accounts finances Companies
D/BGL:A 31, 44, 56

sale of shares in various Bridport ships, 1752-97; other papers regarding Gundry family ships, 1874-5 - note of shares of Hounsell family in Bridport ships, 1777-1856

1752 - 1875 ownership

records of Bridport-Gundry Ltd of Bridport, manufacturers of fishing nets, ropes etc., who held shares in various ships and were involved in the shipment of goods, eighteenth to twentieth centuries, includes journey books recording traveller's acc

1811 - 1999 Companies ownership shipping commerce

correspondence and papers concerning the completion of the sea wall, 1802-11

1802 - 1811 coastal development environment

diary of Guy Montagu Marston as Sub-Lieutenant & Lieutenant serving in gunboats mainly in Scottish and West African stations, 1892-4

1892 - 1894 journal navy

customs and excise: Poole accounts, 1559-60, 1562-3

1559 - 1563 trade commerce levies fees

petition concerning schooner Margaret seized by customs officials, Poole, c.1800

1800   ships
D.I/JC 12 & 15

harbour Acts, 1722, 1823

1722 - 1823 Laws ports

day book of John Richards (of Warmwell) London merchant trading to Spain, 1713-18

1713 - 1718 trade commerce Europe

warrant authorising searches of ships etc. by Commissioners of Customs, 1721

1721   trade commerce
D.FIL:9334a & b

draft letters concerning dues, c.1776

1776   correspondence customs payments

map of mudlands, ?seventeenth century

1600 - 1699 charts environment

map of Harbour, 1671

1671   charts coastal

petition by the inhabitants of Melcombe Regis regarding exemption of Exeter merchants from payment of Petty Customs, c.1625

1625   trade commerce
D.574/57 (Article in the Southern Times, 1936)

Weymouth marine history, by A M Gill


newspaper article by A C Cox on losses of salt and malt certified in the Quarter Sessions

  Press cargo stocks

note of wrecks of Alexander (1815), Taberan (1821), Golden Grove (1795), Spritly (1821), Saggitario (1840), and others unnamed off Portland, 1795-1840

1795 - 1840 ships

 records of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, Swanage, including returns of services, 1876-1975 & minutes 1895-1957

1876 - 1975 rescue coastguard

memoranda by John Thomas Elliott on Portland wrecks, 1815-76

Calendar of Prisoners Epiphany QS 1839, prosecutions for theft of articles washed ashore from the schooner Mary Ann of Plymouth stranded on the beach at Abbotsbury, Novemb

1815 - 1876 crime ships

letter book of Messrs Ledgard, Gosse and Chancey of Poole, chiefly Newfoundland merchants, 1807-10

1807 - 1810 trade commerce

articles of co-partnership between Katherine and George Penney of Poole in family coal and clay shipping business, 1806, inventory of ships and stock, 1805

1805   ownership mining

accounts of George Penney of Poole, mariner, 1763-77 (with reference to a voyage to Newfoundland)

1763 - 1777 travel
D.432/1, 330-438

many references to shipping in transcript of  John Mowlem's diary, 1845-51

1845 - 1851

bills of sale of Ocean Lady and Harwick, 1854, 1874, 1875

1854 - 1875 ownership ships

papers of Rear-Admiral H W Battiscombe, 1846-63, including order to join his new command the Snipe, certificates as to conduct and service on HM ships

1846 - 1863 navy recruitment ships discipline

certificate that the Wentworth, about to sail for the Straights, was free of plague, 1718

1718   ships navy health disease

order from Admiralty Commissioners to allow free passage for the Wentworth, 1699

1699   navy ships
D.239/F14 & 13

journal of Lieut. A H W Battiscombe in Pelorus Naval Brigade during Maori war in New Zealand, 1860-1, and papers regarding his promotions and commands

1860 - 1861 navy service

complement of HMS Victory before paying off, 1868

1868   navy ships

Trinity House, Isle of Wight: Engineers Department drawings for lighthouses at Portland and Swanage, 1952-92.

1952 - 1992 lighthouses engineering construction

HMS Osprey, Royal Navy Air Station, Portland: maps and plans 1960-99.

1960 - 1999 seaplanes training heliport
D.1726 Poole harbour: Commission copy letter book, bye-laws and papers 1872 - 1972 ports correspondence

bill of sale of the sloop Liberty of Weymouth, 1790

1790   ships ownership

draft warrant for grant of embanked lands in harbour, summary of statements concerning 'drowned lands', c.1638

1638   environment ports coastal

particulars of project for recovering drowned lands, with chart of harbour, c.1662

1662   environment maps coastal

assignment of 1/4th share of the ship Wheatsheaf, 1776

1776   ownership

petition against Turkish pirates from the merchants and ship owners of Exeter, Plymouth, Barnstaple, Dartmouth, Lyme Regis, Weymouth and Melcombe Regis, n.d. [?1636]

1636   piracy

petition regarding arrest at Poole of the Diamond, licensed for France but intending to sail to Spanish territories, 1587

1587   ships

note of vessels seized from 'Hynton and Blunte two Pirates' and brought into Poole, 1580

1580   piracy

grant to reclaim lands in harbour, 1665

1665   environment ownership coastal

copy of inquisition concerning customs (1341) made in 1792

1341 - 1792 trade ports harbours

pleas concerning anchorage and docking of vessels (1336), copy made, 1792

1792   ships ports harbours

bill of £13 as an adventure in a trading voyage to the West Indies by the Edward of Weymouth, 1604

1604   ships commerce investments Caribbean colonies
Cox's Index, Appendix B

Acts of Parliament, Notices and Orders, and Plans and Books of Reference relating to Docks, Ferry, Harbours and Piers for coastal towns in Dorset, 1821-1973 (see attached list)

1821 - 1973 Laws
Cox's Index lb

plan for Portland Breakwater, 1835

1835   environment development coastal
Cox's Index la

plans for Breakwater (pier) in Portland Roads, 1825

1825   development coastal environment
Cox's Index

records relating to the Portland Ferry Bridge, 1834-1938

1834 - 1938 waterways crossings

correspondence regarding water supply to Portland Bill lighthouse, 1925 with Portland Water Supply Committee minutes

1925   coastal

water supply to Portland coastguard station by Portland Water Supply Committee, 1905 onward


trade book of Waterworks Company with reference to water for ships, 1857-73

1857 - 1873

water supply to coastguard property, West Bay, Bridport, 1896


correspondence, 1906, concerning water supply to new lighthouse, Portland, between Southwell and coastguard stations, with advice as to wording of license as lighthouse situated on common land vested in the Crown

1906   ownership coastal