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Name: Essex Record Office, Colchester

See Essex Record Office. 

Postal address: Essex Record Office
Wharf Road
Town: Chelmsford
County: Essex
Post code: CM2 6YT
Telephone: 01245 244644
Web address:

132 documents found for Essex Record Office, Colchester:

Code Description Date Keywords

notes on Leigh customs house


misc. papers collected towards history of Harwich, including relating to the Customs House and ferry

  buildings transport
T/P 86/11

extracts and other notes regarding Harwich fisheries


deeds, legal papers and misc. papers of Colchester Borough Council, unsorted and undated, including items relating to the Colne fishery

  fishing Companies

notes on shipbuilding and other naval matters, n.d.

  navy construction
T/P 162/11

tracing and map of Harwich, n.d., showing naval stores

  illustrations navy
T/P 86/11-12

notes on Harwich harbour and shipping, list of packets

T/P 86/12

list of Harwich packets and captains; notes on railway packet service

  ships trains
C599 Chronicle of principal events at Rowledge, East Donyland, with reference to maritime affairs  
T/P 44

abstracts and transcripts of papers regarding foreshore rights from 1274-1631

1274 - 1631 navy
T/P 162/7-8

letters regarding the fleet in Orwell, 1338, 1340; extract regarding list of Harwich ships sent to Brittany in 1342 and other extracts

1338 - 1342 correspondence navy Channel routes
T/P 1/14-15

extracts regarding Essex vessels in Exchequer records for 1513-1631 and 1355-1530

1355 - 1631 ships government
D/DU 40/53

writ to justices of Oyer and Terminer, 1448

1448   judges
T/P 191

volume of extracts regarding Colne Oyster fishery from 1458-1895

1458 - 1895 fishing
T/P1/8 & P11/16

extracts from Essex port books for 1524-1786 and Admiralty records

1524 - 1786 navy shipping ships
D/B 6 R8

Colchester entry book, 1571-92, including fos 283-7, Privy Council letter regarding export of grain and armed persons putting to sea, 1576

1571 - 1592 trade commerce defence
T/P 162-8

account of the capture of the Madre de Dios by Thomas Thomson of Harwich, 1592

1592   ships privateering ports harbours

misc. Colchester Borough records including estreat of fines for offences in Colne Water, 1593

1593   crime
T/A 160/1

will of Roger Cooper of Harwich including shares of ships, 1594

1594   ownership

chronological list of men-of-war built at Harwich naval yard from 1660-1827

1660 - 1827 construction navy shipbuilders

lease of Harwich lighthouse, 1674

T/P 162/7

notes and extracts from Harwich Borough records regarding embargo on packet boats in 1685

1685   ports harbours
D/DMn 10

contract for repair of breach in Horsey Island wall, 1691

1691   coastal erosion environment
D/DRc Z14

letters from Custom House, London, to Colchester collectors regarding coal duty and wood exports, 1699

1699   correspondence customs fuel trade commerce
D/DRg 1/202-6

Admiralty warrants regarding the embargo and impressment, 1702-8

1702 - 1708 navy courts
T/A 124/p.32

Harwich customs papers, 1713-1809, with reference to impressment

1713 - 1809 navy recruitment
T/A 124

transcript of Customs records relating to Colchester for 1713-1809, including description of a `tub-boat', naval impressment, account of seizures by the Argus, cutter

1713 - 1809 navy recruitment ships privateering
T/M 517

plans of Harwich naval dockyard, 1722, post 1743

1722 - 1743 navy construction
D/DU 59/2

Harwich customs accounts, c.1730-1804, with details of trading vessels

1730 - 1804 finances ships trade commerce
D/DU/ 59/3-15

papers of the Rebow family include Box XII, papers, mainly accounts, relating to Harwich lighthouses, 1732-1834

1732 - 1834

estate accounts of Isaac Martin Rebow in part relating to Harwich lighthouses, 1734-54

1734 - 1754
D/DSr T6

sale of the Anne, Manningtree sloop, 1736-8

1736 - 1738 ships ownership
D/DRo B24

letters of Thomas Sumersett, master of Carolina packet, regarding voyages to Carolina and Antigua, 1743-4

1743 - 1744 correspondence travel America Americas
T/P 284

report of the loss of the Colchester of Harwich, 1747

1747   wrecks ships
D/DEl B34

release of the Charles of Colchester, 1753

1753   ships
D/DU 181/11

letter regarding sloop's cargo, 1761

1761   ships shipping trade
D/P 245/17/1

copy of certificate of good service and conduct in navy, 1765

D/DHw T1-3

bills of sale and drafts of vessels of Harwich, Mistley and Manningtree, 1765-1885

1765 - 1885 ships
D/DHw T10

bills of sale and deeds of bottomry for the Frances Ann of London, Liberty of Manningtree and the Betsey of Whitby, 1769-1826

1769 - 1826 ships
D/DU 181/26

observations by Harwich collector of customs on plan for coal regulation, c.1770

1770   fuel commerce trade
D/DEl B30

sales of the Eagle and the Neptune by East Donyland shipwrights, 1770, 1789

1770 - 1789 ships

memorandum of King's Bench regading Harwich lighthouse, 1771

D/DHw T19

deed to right of picking up copperas stones washed up on Walton shore, 1772

1772   foreshore
T/P 64/24

extracts from shipping register regarding Mistley and Manningtree for 1780-1801

1780 - 1801 trade

records of Harwich Conservancy Board, 1785-1962, comprising letter book, 1903-5; misc. plans and charts, 1785-1913; dredging progress reports, 1903-5; plans and survey reports, 1907-10; notices, agenda, draft minutes of Committee mettings, 1886-19

1785 - 1962 ports harbours
A/SR 3

nineteen volumes of Colchester shipping registers comprising 1/1-13, registers, 1786-1912; 2/1-2, transaction registers, 1857-1903; 3/1-3, annual summaries, 1825-70; 4/1, appropriation book, 1855-1990; 5/1, memorandum regarding the Providence

1786 - 1990 trade commerce
D/DHw A77

references in accounts to names ships trading in coffee and cocoa, 1787-94

1787 - 1794 commerce shipping
D/Z 22

drawings made in connection with repair of HMS Magiciene at Harwich, 1790

1790   illustrations navy ships maintenance
D/DU 268/4

itemized bill for repairing damage to Clacton shore, 1791

1791   coastal erosion environment
T/B 160

copy of deposition of mariner at Harwich regarding wreck of the Endeavour, 1794

1794   ships
D/P 200/8/2

printed notice offering bounty for naval volunteers, 1795

1795   navy recruitment
D/P 245/11/4

rates levied in St Leonard, Colchester, for defraying expenses and raising men for navy, 1795-6

1795 - 1796 recruitment
D/DSr F6/1-2

correspondence of Capt. Robt Tomlinson & Vice Admiral Nicholas Tomlinson, c.1796-1830, including scheme for developing Maldon as a naval port

1796 - 1830 navy
T/P 64/17

list of shipowners in Manningtree and Mistley, 1797

1797   ownership
D/B 5 Gb9

Colchester Assembly Book, 1798-1827, including p383, memorial from shipping owners and masters regarding buoy, 1818, with names of owners and list of vessels

1798 - 1827 ownership ships
D/DEl T190

deed of Wivenhoe shipbuilding yard, with legal papers 1799

1799   construction ownership

copy of undated map of the Colne fishery, nineteenth century

1800 - 1899 fishing Companies

 records of Colchester Borough Council, nineteenth and twentieth centuries, including Colne Fishery Board Records

1800 - 1999 fishing Companies
D/DU 59/375

accounts of Harwich lighthouse, 1800-3, including names of ships

1800 - 1803
D/DCr L7/1-8

legal papers regarding Colne Fishery Co. including relating to foreshore rights, Admiralty rules, 1807-97

1807 - 1897 Companies navy
T/A 335

microfilm of legal papers regarding assault by naval officer, Harwich, in 1808

1808   navy crime
D/DHw F3

copy of will of boy on HMS Cephalus with account from Navy Pay Office of money and wages due, 1812-15

1812 - 1815 ships
D/DHw L1

papers in Admiralty court regarding wreck and salvage of Prussian ship, 1813

1813   navy
D/DHw L8

draft advertisement of the sale of the Wells, brigatine of Harwich, 1813

1813   ownership ships illustrations
D/DU 468/1-24

certificate of service of able seaman in revenue cutters, boatman in coastguard, 1814-61

1814 - 1861 mariners
D/DEl T40

sale particulars of the Hopewell of Colchester, 1814

1814   ships ownership
D/DU 559/22

correspondence regarding seizure of the Rebecca on African coast, 1816-17

1816 - 1817 ships capture privateering
T/M 263 & 265

plan of Harwich and Dovercourt naval yard, 1843, 1818

1818 - 1843 navy construction
D/DEI T362

sale catalogue of property at the Hythe, Colchester, 1822, including of the Oathwaite, Amity, Farmer's Delight, Little Hermitage, Benjamin and Anne, James and Elizabeth

1822   ownership ships
D/P 245/18/23

memorandum of agreement to repay loan made by parish of St Leonard, Colchester, to Abraham Younds and family for travelling expenses to take up post in Preventitive Service at Cowes, Isle of Wight, 1823

1823   finances payments recruitment

Harwich shipping registers comprising 1, 1824-31; 2, 1832-53; 3, 1853-5; 4, 1824-67; 5, 1867-84

1824 - 1884
D/Q 31/2/10-13

London shipper's billheads, 1826-30

1826 - 1830 shipping invoices
D/DHw L2

opinion of counsel as to liability of fishing craft for payment of Brightlingsea poor rate, 1827

1827   debts
D/DHw C1

papers of William Randfield, 1827-40, including letters from ships' masters

1827 - 1840 shipping correspondence mariners
D/DU 161/338

copies of letters regarding death of Commander Harrison on HMS Eden, 1829

1829   correspondence navy ships
D/Q 30/2/78

illustrated shipper's billhead, 1830

1830   shipping
D/DYz 125

bill of sale of the Lord Nelson, 1837

1837   ships ownership
D/DHw F1

shipwrights' and chandler's bills of William Randfield, 1838-49

1838 - 1849 shipping finances invoices

Laver family papers, 1840-1936, including relating to Capt. Henry E. Laver notably papers of the Colne Fishery Board and Colne Fishery Company, 1864-1916

1840 - 1936 fishing Companies

mortgage of the Colchester, steam vessel, 1840

1840   ships finances

misc. papers of the Vaux family of Harwich including shipbuilding material, 1842-1912

1842 - 1912 construction ownership
D/DCr A33

estate accounts of St Osyth including sea walling, 1845-50

1845 - 1850 coastal erosion environment defence finances
D/DU 559/116

mortgage of the Boa, schooner of Wivenhoe, 1847

1847   ships finances
D/DHw L13

description of cargo of the Prince of Wales from Hamburg to London, 1848

1848   trade commerce ships shipping journeys
T/P 1/15

diary notes regarding shipping, 1849

1849   trade commerce cargo
Acc.C47/Box 5

paper regarding the molestation of the Providence and the John Andrews by the Victoria cutter, 1851

1851   ships
ASR 2 add

Harwich shipping appropriation book, 1855-1988

1855 - 1988

abstracts to title to pieces of land comprising a shipyard at Wivenhoe and misc. related papers, 1864-95

1864 - 1895 builders construction ownership
C918:D/DJ Jessie Annandale, ship: accounts 1866 - 1882
D/DU 559/156-7

papers regarding hotel keeper's action to compel Walton Improvement Commissioners to erect sea walls, 1869-71, with photographs and bills for labour and materials incurred by him

1869 - 1871 coastal erosion
D/DEl E26/8

sale catalogue, 1870, including house used at coast guard station

1870   buildings
C918: D/DJ

Gloriana, ship: accounts

1871 - 1903
D/P 277/13/1

printed accounts of Wivenhoe Shipyard Fire Fund, 1872; list of subscribers to dependents of the Jane, 1877

1872 - 1877 ships wrecks
D/DU 559/143

inventory of stock, souveniers and toys, Clacton pier, 1879

1879   leisure
D/P 245/28/12

accounts of the Hythe Shipwreck Fund for the Jabez, 1880-3

1880 - 1883 ships

papers of Walton Improvement Commissioners including relating to sea defences, 1881-90

1881 - 1890 coastal erosion environment

records of Colne Fishery Co. including regsiter of apprentices, 1881-93; accounting records, 1953-67; correspondence and legal and administrative documents and papers, 1948-73

1881 - 1973 fishing Companies
T/A 790

agreement for service on the Hariet, schooner, for the Southern Whaling Fishery, c.1884

1884   ships fishing

returns of service of Clacton lifeboat, 1884-90, 1900-6

1884 - 1906 rescue
T/B 192

shipbuilders' bill for the Evergreen of Mersea, 1886

1886   construction ships invoices payments
C997:D/Z 163 addl

Cinque Port Liberty of Brightllingsea: minutes

1886 - 1995
D/DR F49/4

letter from London, Woolwich & Clacton Steamboat Company regarding service to London, 1887

1887   correspondence
D/DQ 40/1-2

account book and bills and accounts, including bill-heads, of A.W. Tabor, Oyster and Shell Fish Merchant, Brightlingsea, 1889-99, with index of customers

1889 - 1899 fishery fishing trade
D/DCr L5/1-3

legal papers regarding foreshore rights at St Osyth and relating to oyster fishery, sand and gravel rights, sea walls, 1894-1907

1894 - 1907 fishing coastal environment defence

papers of Walton-on-the-Naze UDC including relating to sea defence, 1929; plans relating to Albion Breakwater, 1897; proposed pier alterations, 1933; plan of cliffs, 1924

1897 - 1933 coastal erosion development environment
C918:D/DJ Dorothea, ship: accounts 1897 - 1907
C918:D/DJ Eliza Patience and the Pearl, ships: accounts 1897 - 1908
D/DU 408/12

Walton agreement, report and specification regarding shore road and sea walls, 1898

1898   coastal erosion environment defence

Laver family papers including two volumes of extracts from records of Colne Fishery Co., c.1900-1913

1900 - 1913 fishing Companies

volume of printed transcripts and translations of documents relating to title to manor of Alnesford, fishery of Alnesford ford and the Ballast Quay Wharf, used by Thomas W. Hall in legal dispute, 1903 [see also C4]

D/DJ Captain M. French of Brightlingsea: log of the yachts Violet 1905-1907 and Gladys 1908-1909 1905 - 1909 sailing leisure
D/DU 415/52

bill to transfer powers of Sea Defence Committee to Clacton Urban District under Clacton Drainage District Act, to enable them to build sea defence works, 1906

1906   coastal erosion environment
T/P 162/2

log of the SS Berlin, 1907

1907   navy ships
D/Z 400; C1194 Brightlingsea Yachtmasters club: minutes and papers. 1910 - 1911 sailing leisure Societies

ledger of Blyth Bros, shiphandlers of Brightlingsea, 1912-14

1912 - 1914 Companies accounts

Colchester Borough Council Harbour Master's log books, 1915-35, 1944-82; log books for Down River terminals, 1956-68; account book, 1950-3

1915 - 1982 ports
D/F 2

Rowhedge Ironworks Co. Ltd., shipbuilders and marine engineers: order books and related records, shipwrights' estimates and other records 1917-65.

1917 - 1965 companies industry shipbuilders shipwright
C605:D/2 257

papers of Wivenhoe Branch of the Shipconstructors' and Shipwrights' Assoc., 1920-70

1920 - 1970 construction Associations

misc. papers from Brightlingsea Customs Office including corrsepondence, 1931-52; trade returns to Inspector General of Waterguard, 1945-52; annual statements of trade, 1925-66; correspondence with, and returns to, the General Register and Record

1925 - 1966 commerce

balance sheets and accounts, 1956-69, photographic negatives and prints, c.1950-70 of James & Stone, Brightlingsea shipbuilders and engineers, c.1926-70, and balance sheets and accounts of J.J. James & Co. (Brightlingsea) Ltd, 1925-53; bal

1925 - 1970 finances Companies construction

additional records of James & Stone Ltd, including misc. ship and engineering plans, c.1926-c.1950; photographs of vessels, yard nos 124-337; newscuttings, 1951-62

1926 - 1962 Companies construction designs Press
D/DCr L8-11

correspondence regarding foreshore claims at St Osyth, 1935-7

1935 - 1937 rights
D/DCr E39

letter of Mercantile Marine Dept of Board of Trade regarding ownership of foreshore, St Osyth and repair of sea wall, 1936

1936   correspondence coastal erosion environment defence

papers of Frinton and Walton Urban District Council regarding foreshore claim, 1938, coastal protection, 1959-68

1938 - 1968 rights environment erosion

manager's day books of Colne Fishery Co., 1938-59

1938 - 1959 fishing Companies

architects' drawings relating to development of Wivenhoe shipyard for Vospers Ltd, 1941-4, including drawings, plans

1941 - 1944 illustrations designs Companies construction
D/P 320/1/29

certificate of publication of bans of marriage on HMS Royal Sovereign, 1942

1942   navy ships

business papers of J.W. Cook & Co., Wivenhoe shipbuilders, 1948-73, including board minutes, 1948-73; administrative technical drawings and files, c.1948-86

1948 - 1986 Companies construction illustrations designs
T/P 162/3

sketches of traditional gear of East Coast fishermen, 1955, including Leigh shrimp trawl

1955   illustrations clothing fishing

financial records of W. Fieldgate & Son, Colchester shipbrokers, 1958-71

1958 - 1971 Companies finances ships shipping

sale catalogue of premises of Colne Yacht Club, Brightlingsea, 1965

1965   buildings leisure yachting

photographic slides recording the construction of the Colne barrier at Wivenhoe, 1991-4

1991 - 1994 coastal environment development erosion