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Name: Cumbria Archive and Local Studies Centre, Barrow
Postal address: 140 Duke Street

Town: Barrow-in-Furness
County: Cumbria
Post code: LA14 1XW
Telephone: 01229 407377
Web address:

24 documents found for Cumbria Archive and Local Studies Centre, Barrow:

Code Description Date Keywords

half-yearly agreements and accounts of voyages and crew for P.S. Lady Moyra, 1910-11

1910 - 1911 shipping passenger

 official logbook and account of voyages and crew for P.S. Lady Margaret of Barrow, 1907

1907   shipping commercial passenger

two crew lists for the Maria Lamb of Barrow, 1886

1886   mariners shipping

Barrow crew lists, 1859-1913

1859 - 1913 shipping commercial mariners

typescript copy of diaries of voyages of the British Queen and Eugenie of Barrow, 1873, 1876

1873 - 1876 travel leisure

committee card and report of Barrow Yacht Club, 1875

1875   yachting leisure

crew list of the Red Diamond of Ulverston, 1840-2

1840 - 1842 mariners shipping

 notices and correspondence relating to Ulverston Customs House, 1835-40, including notices regarding Falmouth Harbour Lights, 1835, Needles Light, 1838; crew list of the Ellen and Sarah, c.1840; light duties correspondence, 1839-40; p

1835 - 1840 navigation lighthouses
RNLI Royal National Lifeboat Institution, Barrow: returns of service log. 1997 - 1999 welfare rescue coastguard
BTSR Barrow-in-Furness port (addnl): shipping registers 1901 - 1987 harbours
BT/SR Barrow-in-Furness Port: shipping registers 1990 - 1994 harbours

 minutes of the Barrow Local and the Cumberland Dock Labour Boards of the National Dock Labour Corporation, 1942-69

1942 - 1969 docks

 Barrow pilots licenses, 1873-1907, and sailing apprenticeships, 1872-1965

1872 - 1965 pilotage shipping

 file of reminiscences of James T. Gawthrop of service on HMS Amphitrite including copy of citation for awards to British seamen by Victor Emanuel III, 1921; photocopies of logbooks of HMS Princess Margaret, 1918; HMS Windsor

1918 - 1921 navy service

service papers of H. Hool, 1940

1940   navy
BDX 574

Vickers-Armstrongs Ltd, armaments manufacturers, shipbuilders and engineers: registers, photos and plans 1935-52.

1935 - 1952 arms armaments companies shipbuilders shipwright industry engineering
BDX 446 Thomas Norman, shipyard worker, Barrow: family papers and local souvenirs 1900 - 1989
BDX 325

Naval construction and Armaments Co. Ltd., Barrow-in-Furness: letterbook

1893 - 1894 navy shipbuilding Companies weaponry correspondence
BDSo 105 Royal National Lifeboat Institution, Ulverston branch: account book 1965 - 1993 welfare rescue finances
BDB 16 TD Vickers Shipbuilding & Engineering Ltd., Barrow: registers of apprentices and apprentice time books. 1891 - 1967 construction Companies training
BDB Vickers Shipbuilding Group, Barrow-in-Furness: card indexes with brief details of factory floor personnel and yard labourers 1900 - 1950 shipwrights construction staff

poster for the Windermere operating between Ulverston and Liverpool, early nineteenth century

1820 - 1830 shipping
Barrow in Furness Port Barrow-in-Furness port: registers and records rel to shipping activities 19th-20th centuries. 1800 - 1999 harbours trade commerce
Barrow in Furness Port Barrow-in-Furness port: registers of pierhead arrivals and departures. 1923 - 1974 harbours sailings shipping