Photo of Dr Vivienne Xiangwei Guo

Dr Vivienne Xiangwei Guo

Research interests

My research interests primarily lie in the social and political history of the Second Sino-Japanese War and the extended civil conflicts in the Republican Era, and the history of Chinese political networks, societies and groups in the late nineteenth century and the twentieth century. I am interested more widely in Chinese intellectual and gender histories, in particular the circulation of ideas and movements in a global context.

Supported by the King’s China Institute PhD Studentship, I completed my PhD study on Chinese women intellectuals’ cross-party political networks during the wartime era (1937-1949). I am currently revising my thesis into a book-length monograph entitled: Across the Geo-Political Borders: Women Intellectuals’ Political Networks in Wartime China for publication.

My current research investigates the transnational interactions of political ideas, movements and institutions engaging both Chinese warlords and intellectuals in the controversially defined “warlord era” (1916-1928). This project aims to challenge the teleological narratives of the ‘anti-warlordism, anti-imperialism’ National Revolution sustained by both the Nationalist Party and the Communist Party, and therefore to re-interpret the processes of Chinese nation-building in the context of globalisation after the Great War. This project provides a crucial ‘Chinese perspective’ to deepen the understanding of transnational history in the inter-war period.