Professor Andrew Thompson

Research supervision

I am willing to supervise students interested in modern British history and modern Imperial history, and especially the relationship between them. Below are some examples of the research topics of PhD and Masters by Research students who I supervised at my previous university in Leeds.

‘Forced Removal and South African Nationalisms: Exclusive Citizenship and the Discourses of Population Removal in Apartheid South Africa’.  

‘Poor Men and Loose Women: Colonial Kenya’s Other Whites’. 

‘Disability in Victorian England, with special reference to the County of Yorkshire, c.1820-1890’. 

'Juvenile Literature, Penny Dreadfuls and The Boys of England paper, 1868-1899’

‘Disabled Servicemen in Inter-War Britain’.

‘An Imperial Philanthropist.  The Earl of Meath and the Empire Day Movement, c.1900-1929’

‘Women’s Literature and the British Empire’ 

‘Migrant Entitlement Regimes in Britain and France, c.1945-70’