Dr David Thackeray

Research interests

Political and cultural history: British public politics since the 1880s; Electoral culture; the history of class and gender in modern Britain

Economic history: Britain's relationship with its overseas markets, particularly in the Empire/Commonwealth; Business and consumer history; the politics of free trade, 'fair trade' and tariff reform

Global and Imperial History: Business networks within the British Empire/ Commonwealth; The expansion of international trade networks and organisations after 1918

AHRC Research Leadership Fellowship (2014-15): 'Backing Britain: Imagining a nations economic future since 1900'. This project focuses on changing cultural notions of 'British' trade identities in the UK and wider empire/commonwealth during the twentieth century. It involves substantial research in the UK, Australasia, North America, South-East Asia and South Africa, and utilises film and advertising archives, as well as more conventional economic history records such as the archives of business and political associations.

Principal Investigator for AHRC international research network (2014-16): 'Imagining Markets: Conceptions of Empire/Commonwealth, Europe an China in Britain's economic future since the 1870s'. This project, organised with my Exeter colleagues Richard Toye and Andrew Thompson aims to provide a bridge between historical and contemporary ways of thinking about Britain's future global economic orientation and will involve public policy activities organised with our project partners- the Churchill Archives Centre, History and Policy, and the Institute of Commonwealth Studies.

Principal Investigator for GW4 Modern British Politics and History community (2015-16). I co-ordinate activities for this community which brings together scholars from the universities of Bath, Bristol, Cariff and Exeter to collaborate on a variety of research projects connected with the theme of political engagement.

Co-Investigator for Leverhulme Project Grant (2017-20): The age of promises: manifestos, election addresses and political representation (with Richard Toye).

For updates on the AHRC projects see http://www.imaginingmarkets.com

Research collaborations

Principal Investigator for AHRC research network (2014-16)- 'Imagining Markets: Conceptions of Empire/Commonwealth, Europe and China in Britain's economic future since the 1870s'. The network will involve participants drawn from the UK, Australia, Canada, China, Italy and Taiwan and the fields of Economics, English, History,  Human Geography, International Business, and Media and Cultural Studies. History & Policy is a partner organisation for the network and, working with colleagues, I have since established a Global Economics and History Forum with them.

On advisory committee for History of Parliament project: 'From the grassroots: an oral history of community politics in Devon' and have subsequently collaborated with them in the development of the GW4 Modern British Politics and History community.

Organised exhibition and film conference in spring 2015 with Bill Douglas Cinema Museum on the theme of 'Trade, development and identity in documentary film culture at the end of the British Empire, c.1950-70' connected to my AHRC fellowship