Dr David Thackeray

Senior Lecturer


Extension: 4345

Telephone: 01392 724345

My main research interest is in Britain's involvement in imperial and global trade networks during the twentieth century and the rise and decline of ideas of a 'British World' of trade. This research has been funded by the AHRC and will lead to a forthcoming monograph provisionally titled: 'Culture, ethnicity, and market in the British Empire: Britishness, nationalism, and anti-imperialism, 1880-1975'. A further book- 'Imagining Britain's economic future c.1800-1975: trade, consumerism and global markets', edited with Andrew Thompson and Richard Toye, emerges out of an AHRC network I lead. 

Building on the activities of the AHRC network, I have recently set up the History & Policy Global Economics and History Forum with Marc-William Palen (Exeter) and Andrew Dilley (Aberdeen). The forum aims to bring together academics, business groups, policy makers and members of the general public interested in how understandings of historical trade relations can inform current policy debates. I currently hold a British Academy Rising Stars Engagement Award: 'Trading partners: rethinking the history of Britain's global trade networks in a post- Brexit age' which will enable me to discuss these questions with academics and policy-makers.

My other key research interest is twentieth century British political history, particularly the history of electoral politics, and the role of class and gender in political representation. I published 'Conservatism for the democratic age: Conservative cultures and the challenge of mass politics in early twentieth century England', (2013) . I am currently Co-Investigator for 'The age of promises: manifestos, election addresses and political representation' a Leverhulme-funded project (2017-20) led by Richard Toye, which uses these sources to explore the nature of political representation in twentieth century Britain and the evolution of programmes and promises in electoral politics.

Twitter: d_thackeray