Dr Laura Sangha

Research supervision

I welcome enquiries from students working on asepcts of early modern English religious cultures and the social history of theology. This would include the following:

  • Social history of theology: relationship between 'official' and 'popular' belief
  • The English Reformation and processes of religious change
  • Supernatural beliefs, enchantment, secularisation
  • C16th & C17th century natural and mechanical philosophy: interface between 'science' and religion
  • Devotional piety, forms of public/ private worship, particularly associated with reading and writing

Research students

I am currently co-supervising the following doctoral students:

Andrew Binding, 'Living at Home: People, Spaces, and the Changing Domestic Environment in the Early Modern South West England.'

Michelle Webb, 'As fowle a ladie as the smale pox could make her': facial disfigurement in sixteenth and seventeenth century England'.