Dr Tim Rees

Research supervision

Most aspects of the history and politics of Spain from 1808 to the present day. I would be particularly interested in supervising research on Spanish agrarian history, topics related to the Second Republic, Civil War and Franco regime, and on the history of Communist movements in Spain.

Europe from 1750 to the present day, particularly agrarian history, the Communist International and interantional communism between the world wars.

Research students

Mark Rothery: Transformation through Adaptation: the English Landed Gentry of Devon, Hertfordshire and Lincolnshire, c. 1870-1939 (awarded 2005)

Samuel Pierce: Political Catholicism during the Spanish Second Republic (awarded 2007)

Alex Cattell: The Transformation of Madrid 1959-1975 (awarded 2011)

Richard Batten, Devon and the First World War (awarded 2016)

Steve Lynam, The Politics of the Centre and the Right in the Spanish Province of Valencia, 1931-1936 (in progress)