Dr Tim Rees

Research interests

My research focusses upon a number of areas:

  • I have undertaken wide-ranging research on the history of Spanish communism in the era of the Communist International. Using archival sources from a number of countries, I am exploring the development of the Spanish Communist Party (PCE) from its origins in 1920 to its collapse at the end of the Spanish Civil War. Aided by funding from the British Academy, this has led to a number of research papers and articles. This will lead to a research monograph entitled Red Spain: the Spanish Communist Party in the Comintern Era.
  • An associated research project (jointly undertaken with Dr Tom Beaumont of Bristol University) is exploring France (and particularly Paris) as a centre for intrnational communism in the 1920s and 1930s. Entitled The French Connection: France and International Communism, 1919-1940 this examines France as a place of exile and organisation for communists, the role of the French Communist Party as the centre of a network of communist activity outside the Soviet Union, and at the surveillance of communist exiles and organisers by the French state. Currently funded by a Leverhulme/British Academy grant, the project will result in a symposium (leading to an edited collection of papers) and a number of research articles. My particular interest within the project is in the role of France as a major  centre of exile, organisation and support for Spanish communists. We are hoping to develop this into a broader research project that examines international communism as a transnational movement organised around a series of regional networks that complemented and rivalled Moscow. As part of this research project, we are organising a  conference ‘The French Connection: International Communism and France between the Wars’ which will take place in 2014.
  • I have a long-standing interest in the history of rural society in Spain and in the agrarian origins of the Spanish Civil War, stemming back to my doctoral research. I continue to undertake research in this area and to publish in the field.
  • I also have have interests in the history of the First World War and particularly British visual culture and the war.